Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Disturbed By 2nd Hand Kumanthong (当心二手金佛童)

Many people like to worship Kumanthong (Thai kid spirits) and most of the time these folks got their Kumanthongs from some occult forums either through purchase, exchange or free gifts. Not many people understand however, by doing so not only these folks cannot enjoy the helping hands of these Kumanthongs; they may be suffering from obstacles created by these ‘little kids’. The reason is very simple: Kumanthongs should only be acquired anew and not secondhand.

Anyone who wishes to ‘adopt’ one Kumanthong, he/she must approach a reputable monk or guru to express their intention. The monk/guru would then carry out a chanting to find suitable kid spirits who are willing to follow their new ‘parents’ and subsequently help these folks to achieve their desires. Then the monk/guru will perform conjuration to invoke the kid spirits into Kumanthong statues so that the requesters can bring the empowered Kumanthong back for worship. That is the correct procedure.

Having said so, now days people just kind of ‘exchange’ and sell these Kumanthong statues openly as if commodities. Well, if the Kumanthong statues are only empty statues; there would not be problems. But if the Kumanthong statues have dwellers and that these new owners cannot work together with the kid spirits; then health and accidents may be fallen upon these new unwary owners.

This is a true experience happened to Tom from USA. Tom was only curious about Kumanthong and through online chatting in some occult forum; he purchased two large Kumanthong about 8 inches tall said to be owned by a Singapore collector. As recalled by Tom, nothing went very smoothly with his restaurant business ever since the Kumanthong twins came.

Tom’s restaurant business dropped by half and after 3 months or so, he could see black shadows wandering in his restraints at night but upon investigations nothing was found.

As time goes by, Tom would receive midnight telephone calls from some kids with hollow laughing voices. At first, Tom thought that was the prank of kids in the neighborhood as his telephone number was published outside of his premises.

Gradually, the midnight calls turned into night hag rides. It was always the case of a prank telephone call that woke up Tom but as when Tom was about to answer the phone, he would feel that his body became paralyzed and cannot move. At the same time, the voice of eerie children laughter lingers in the air until dawn.

Finally Tom thought he had enough and finally got hold of my phone number and pulled me up from my slumber. I gave Tom two choices: send the Kumanthong statues to me or setup an altar of ‘5 legionnaire armies’ (五营兵). Tom did both and after a while, his nightmare was over.

If you follow my posting, then you would have an idea of which Kumanthong statues I refer to. So, be very careful when you wish to acquire a secondhand Kumanthong from a half-bake master.

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  1. I've read that wandering kid spirits are guided into a vessel by a master so they can serve a human to improve the kid spirits karma. Is that true and can you comment on, when do these kid spirits become liberated? Or do they serve their new "parents" indefinitely?