Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Secrets Of Zodiac Animals (生肖的秘密)

When someone asks you about your zodiac animal and you answered that you are a ‘tiger’ then you would have told the person your secret traits already. Contrary to normal believe, Chinese Zodiac animals are no superstitions and they are not created for fun as there are many secrets hidden in these symbolic icons.

Let me elaborate:

·         Tiger, monkey, snake and pig represent the movement of life force.
·         Rat, horse, rabbit and cock represent the peak of life force.
·         Dragon, dog, cow and sheep represent the stagnant of life force.

There are two particular zodiac animals that we need to pay attention to. They are:

·         Cow and sheep

The ‘cow’ represents the energy change from ‘yin’ to ‘yang’ and people fall under ‘cow’ would spend much energy in work. While the ‘sheep’ represents energy change from ‘yang’ to ‘yin’; so a ‘sheep’ would find difficulties to raise energy to complete a given task.

Let’s go back to ‘tiger’ for example:

If a ‘tiger’ is born in spring, then he/she would have ample to eat and he/she would have many companions. On the other hand, if the ‘tiger’ is born in summer; then he/she still has many too enjoy but needs to work hard. However, if a tiger is born in autumn/fall and winter; the ‘tiger’ would be sick and has many enemies.

So from here we can ‘predict’ ones living conditions in this life by knowing his/her zodiac animals. Referring to ‘tiger’ for further investigation: a ‘tiger’ can only earn a living by travelling about and his/her career should be something related to wood. If the ‘tiger’ is lazy to ‘move’ and takes up a job that doesn’t requires travelling; then this tiger would become a ‘sick tiger’ or even a ‘cat’. In this case, the person would find stagnation in his/her career development or even in poor health.

I have a friend who is a ‘tiger’ and he must travel every autumn to the east or this gentleman would either becomes very ill or lose a lot of money. Likewise I have a friend who is a ‘sheep’ and no matter what he does would see no end as he would abandon his task in hand half way. Further, this ‘sheep’ friend of mind is also very lazy to travel and prefers just to watch over his small sundry shop in his small hometown.

Thus, before you sneer those 12 zodiac animals as superstitions, please sit down and think about your own traits and you would agree too what I have said are correct. Let me add a little in saying that the zodiac animals are also somehow used in Feng Shui analysis. So a little secret does go a long way.


  1. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both are sheep, earlier was 24 Feb and later was 28 Oct 1955. Based on lunar calendar, Steve is Winter Sheep and Bill is Autumn Sheep. Both are rich and reputated. These 'assumptions' are baseless.

    1. Well, there are always 'outliers' around.

      1955 sheep '乙未' which belongs to 'metal' group. Hence, the autumn and winter are so bad. Autumn (metal) and winter (water) and metal are companions.

      So if we look further, the 'assumptions' are correct in a way.

      Thank you anyway.

    2. Dear Mr. Liew !

      Could you please say something about the "(Wood) Rat." ?
      I have also some health issues at the moment....mostly with my stomach...

      Thank you very much for your precious time !

      Michael B.

    3. Dear Michael,

      (Wood) Rat belongs to winter water and this year of goat has very heavy 'earth' and 'wood' elements. In winter, water becomes cold hence the wood (liver) is besieged by cold water and earth. Please take care of your stomach especially during Dec-Jan period. Consume only warm foods and drinks during this period please :)

      It may because of your FS issues too.

      Good luck!