Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Soul Catching With Rice Stalks (稻草迷人术)

Padi planting is one of the important economic activities in Thailand and the rest of Asian countries too. The by-product of rice planting is the remainder massive rice stalks which are normally burnt away. Having said so, do you know that rice stalks are potent magic ingredient in Asian magic too?

The rice stalk magic what I am about to disclose here is a popular one in Southern Thailand and Northern Peninsula for attracting a lady. Perhaps it can be used to attract a man, but I have not tried it out as yet.

The method is simple:

First one should get 3 pieces of rice stalks and then each of the rice stalks is filled with one piece of the person’s hair. Later the filled rice stalks are anointed with perfume.  After this is done, the rice stalks are wrapped with a piece of black cloth and stored away until midnight.

At midnight, the magician should clean an empty room and then change into white clothing. He/she should wear the perfume that he/she used to anoint on the rice stalks, light a piece of white candle and burn benzoin for the ritual.

After that he/she should hold the rice stalks in the formation of a star ‘’ with his/her left hand and over the benzoin incense for fumigation process; while he/she holds the piece of burning white candles with his/her right hand. This white candle should be moved in a clockwise direction over the rice stalks slowly.

While performing the above mentioned motions, the person should sit on the floor and stared at the rice stalks with full concentration directing his/her energy into the rice stalks. The person can think or says the words out loud repeatedly something like: “Anyone who steps over these rice stalks would follow me home…”

The chanting should continue for an hour or so and the whole ritual should be continued for 55 days consecutively. After the rice stalks are fully empowered, the magician can place one of the rice stalks on the walkway and any ladies who stepped over this rice stalk would come to the magician as if very intimate friends.

There are other forms of rice stalk magic rituals too. Perhaps I shall share them in due course.

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  1. Does anyone know a ritual or spell to instantly cultivate a photographic memory or super intelligence