Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Spirits That Keep Returning (重返的鬼魂)

It is not easy to treat said spirit possession patients for there are just too many possibilities about the patients. First of all, it might just be the patient has mental depression issues. If the patient is mentally depressed, of course whatever exorcism rituals will not have any effects. Then it might just be a person just want attentions as during the so-called ‘possession’ period, many Samaritans would be visiting the possessed person and bring along companionships and money.

I have observed many cases where people believed to be possessed by evil spirits after being cured by masters continued to be repossessed again in relatively short time. At one time I followed a group of reporters and social workers to perform field coverage on a lady who believed her own self was possessed by a lady ghost in red.

On first look, this lady known as Liz behaved pretty normal to all of us. She told us that she was troubled by the red female spirit for many years and many masters have helped her. But after the exorcism of the ghost, Liz would feel lonely and missed her ghost. So Liz would call back her ‘companion’ ghost and the history repeated itself.

This time Liz was introduced to a Thai master and the media group etc caught hold of the news and joined in to witness the exorcism ritual. I was also involved because my friend was the trip organizer and he wanted a second opinion.

Prior to the exorcism, Liz had a short interview with some of the reporters and as I saw it; Liz was pretty sane as she was able to answer all questions thrown to her. And also Liz didn’t show any signs of spirit possessions because she still could light some incense and prayed to the Buddha statue in the master’s house.

When everything was ready, Liz sat in front of the master and the master started to chant some mantras. After a while Liz’s body started to shake and she behaved violently. My pal tried to grab hold of Liz but he unfortunately being scratched by Liz’s sharp long nails. So the commotion went on for an hour or so until finally the master took out an effigy of a woman and enticed the ‘ghost’ into it.

Liz slowly calm down and presto! She was her normal self again.

Oddly, right after the exorcism ritual, the master asked Liz if she was willing to ‘take care’ of the lady ghost as the ghost would bring boon to Liz. It was indeed a surprise to all of us as we all thought Liz would not touch the ghost even with a ten barge pole after what the ‘ghost’ has done to her.

So the story goes, the master taught Liz some mantras and the method of worshipping the lady ghost: a bowl of rice, tea, flower, lip sticks etc. As Liz was chanting mantra while holding the haunted effigy, she again showed sign of possession where her body shook vigorously. And as expected, the master performed another ritual to pacify the lady ghost. Again, Liz returned to her normal self.

Now the question thrown to me is:

“Is it true that the sprits keep returning to a person even after exorcism?”

My answer is always:

“If and only if a person wanted it to return.”

Personally I still think Liz only wanted to attract attentions and she was not and still is not possessed by any spirits. I would call this as ‘Liz’s mind demon’ (心魔). In another words, it is only Liz’s mind game.

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