Monday, December 7, 2015

Zodiac Animals And Feng Shui (人命与风水)

Zodiac animals are used in Feng Shui (FS) analysis to close the gape of Flying Star FS. Traditionally, Flying Star School (飞星) only analyses a small space in a building or a larger space of an area. The external environment of the house except the formation of 'water dragons' (roads and rivers) are neglected.

It would take a long passage to describe how zodiac animals is brought in FS analysis. Perhaps a simple diagram would be sufficient.

Generally speaking a person belonged to 'rat' group should not choose a house directly facing north or he/she will be having problems during every 'year of rat'. Worse if the external environment is not so good such as having sharp building structures (high tension towers, telecommunication towers or even sharp or ruin buildings) in the 'combined directions' (三合方), then disasters would also occur during the year of the 'combined directions'.

Let us take the above diagram for example:

If a person of 'rat' staying in a house facing north, then he/she can expect to have problems in years of rat, monkey and dragon. People of other zodiac animals would also have problems during year of monkey and dragon too; but of lesser severity.

Other than that, a person of 'rat' should also avoid a house that is directly opposite to his/her zodiac; that is the 'horse' or the house owner may have human relation issues. However, a 'rat' is best to stay in a house facing 'cow' (030 degrees) or 'cock' (270).

Armed with simple knowledge of zodiac animals and feng shui, any person can quickly access if a place is suitable for he/she. You will find that in actual field audits, it is not so easy to get personal particulars of the house owners. Thus a quick and easy method at time is really handy.

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