Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Surrounded By Kids (五鬼拖尸局)

Generally speaking, the arts of Feng Shui (FS) cannot be studied through books alone because there are many hidden untold knowledge that must be shared by a master to a disciple from mouth to ear only. The FS setting of ‘surrounded by kids’ is a situation where a tomb of an adult deceased is surrounded by three or more tombs of the kids died from untimely causes.

According to personal experience, if a tomb is surrounded by a few tombs of kids, then the descendants of the tomb will face with health and financial problems. This situation was faced by one of my friends, Mr. Phoon.

Ever since Mr. Phoon’s late dad being rested in the grave, he has never spent his Chinese New Year with his family before as he would either be ended up in hospital just days before everyone else celebrating the festival; or an urgent matter that requires him to travel abroad to settle his business matters.

Also during the 7th lunar month, Mr. Phoon would feel severe head ache and not himself. At first Phoon thought it was his health, but an incident changed his mind and he asked me to go over to Hong Kong for a Feng Shui audit.

That was indeed a very strange encounter. It was the ‘ghost month’ again and one day Mr. Phoon was not feeling very well. Since his business wasn’t doing too good, he decided to close for the day. As Phoon was walking in the street, an old lady walked passed him and she murmured some words: “… Look into your father’s grave… it is a mess…”

At this moment, Phoon as being hit by lighting and suddenly realized that he should look into his old man’s grave. Since Phoon was somehow people of some fame, he ‘invited’ me as I am not a local to visit him first for some catching up and of course, to carry out an audit of his dad’s grave.

So there I was, standing in front of the grave with my compass. After walking around the grave, I couldn’t find the exact root cause to Mr. Phoon’s predicaments. To be honest, the FS was not amazing but it also shouldn't cause Phoon to have a bad health and business either.

As I was thinking of a reason to wriggle my way out, suddenly I saw an old lady standing behind Phoon and pointing her finger at a tomb behind. Out of curiosity, I went to investigate the grave. It was a grave of a 17 year old lad. Then as I was detouring to go to where Phoon stood, there I found another grave of a 10 year old kid. That had aroused my curiosity and I decided to walk around the graveyard and I found a total of 10 graves with young kids lying beneath. Interestingly speaking, 5 out of 10 young tombs surrounding old Mr. Phoon’s grave.

After the audit, we returned to Mr. Phoon’s place. I told Mr. Phoon to move his old man’s grave as soon as possible and as when we were talking, my sight suddenly transfixed at a photo on the wall. It was the photo of an old lady I seen behind Mr. Phoon at the graveyard! Just out of curiosity I asked Phoon who was the old lady in the picture. Phoon replied: “Oh! That was my great grandmother!”

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