Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Bad Luck Lady (不幸的女人)

If you think that you are unlucky because your boss scold you this morning or your Phra Ngan cannot help you to get what you want; think again after reading the below true story of Amy from Guangdong, China.

Amy came to KL to work in a massage parlor and I got to know her through a friend who is a fan of getting to know these foreign ladies. I can’t be sure what Amy said is true, but if her story is authentic; then I supposed we all are much lucky than Amy and we must thank God for that.

According to Amy, she has psychic eyes since small and that she can ‘see’ those spirits physically. Her psychic eyes did not bring Amy any good fortunes to her but bad luck as she would get injured easily especially during the 4th and 7th lunar month. During these special months, Amy’s body would swell without a reason and she would be attacked by severe migraine.

It is during these months that Amy would see many strange scenes out of this world. In one occasion when Amy and her mom walked passed a mountain, she saw many people on the mountain as if there was an evening market. When she told her mom, her mom’s face turned pale because the ‘mountain’ was in fact a cemetery!

There is one time that Amy was nearly drowned when she fell into a river. As recalled by Amy, there were about 20 people walking at the same time across a bridge but she was the only one loose her balance and fell. Luckily, a farmer nearby managed to jumped into the river and pulled Amy out of the water. It is until today that Amy cannot find an explanation why she would fall without a good reason.

Of course, beside the near death experience, Amy are prone to injuries as she would accidentally fall or tripped at her workplace until so much so that her colleagues nicknamed Amy as ‘glass princess’.

Seems like Amy’s bad luck also affecting her relatives as well. Two of her very close senior uncles were engaged in a dispute over their house they were renovating. Consequently a small quarrel turned in to a fight and the senior uncle slashed the next uncle and other 4 family members to death.

Since the tragic fight, Amy’s family members also passed away one after another in a few years time; and now her husband also fallen ill and jobless. This is the reason Amy ended in the massage parlor in KL and face to face with me.

Now the question is: “What had happened?”

I would attribute to Amy’s problem to her bad house and ‘yin’ Feng Shui.

It transpired that it is a custom in Amy’s village to exhume the body of a deceased only after one year it is buried to check if the corpse is fully decomposed. After that, the remains are clean and put into an urn for further burial.

This is of course a very bad practice as the dead has not rested in peace long enough and the tomb was disturbed only after a year after burial. Not only the spirits cannot rest well; the Feng Shui of the tomb is destroyed too. Subsequently, the descendants of the dead would suffer from unfortunate events and extreme bad luck.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do unless I followed Amy to her hometown for a Feng Shui audit. However, by the look of it; it may be just too late to save her day.

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