Friday, December 4, 2015

Fake Paranormal Reality Shows (假的灵异节目)

Most of paranormal reality shows are fakes in nature especially those produced in Asian countries. The more dramatic a paranormal show is, the more likely it will attract audiences and hence sponsorships and donations from related businesses. Needless to say, these paranormal shows had made some masters millionaires in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I supposed I don’t need to give you names as if you are an ardent followers of these paranormal shows, then you would have an idea of who these masters are.

I was told by Paul who was once involved in organizing and coordination of film shooting arrangements for some famous foreign and domestic paranormal TV programs that people like to watch strange and spooky matters such as ghosts and black magic matters. And that when young and beautiful program hosts screamed in panic and nearly hysterical tones, the viewing rate of the program would increase sky rocketed. Incidentally that too, also makes those program hostesses famous in the entertainment circle. So, it is not a surprised to see scantily clad young ladies venturing into a so-called haunted house or being possessed by evil spirits; and that these ladies would scream their lungs out in most of these shows.

Of course, many of the scenes would include some elements of masters performing exorcism rituals to pacify those almost crazy ladies; best is some elements of sex and nudity also being included such as a crazy lady suddenly tears her cloth off etc. That will certainly attract much needed attention to boost view rates.

Scenes such as drawers suddenly being pulled out, doors being slammed suddenly, maggots being vomited out from the mouth of a black magic victim etc are purposely arranged for enhancing visual and dramatic effects. In some occasions temporary actors and actresses were employed and masters were paid to carry out fake rituals to enhance the credibility of those programs. In fact, if you ever tried the rituals in the reality shows, you will not get those results as depicted in the shows.

Not so long ago, a local actor who had taken part in a paranormal program confessed that he and his team has faked the scenes in that particular show where a piece of blanket suddenly being pulled away as if someone wanted to lay in the bed. In addition, the scene of blood oozing out from a pillow was also chicken blood they bought in morning markets etc.

The Taiwanese paranormal shows have their fair shares of dramatic effects such as chairs suddenly being flung across the room during ghost hunting programs, fire suddenly burst out from incense burners, young hostesses suddenly being possessed by spirits just to name a few.

It is a fact that anyone who frequently performs ghost hunting activities would only feel temperature drops, hearing voices or footsteps and in rare cases that people can see black shadows. There are many arguments about shadows as those might just be optical illusions that could be interpreted differently from person to person.

Though I cannot comment of paranormal reality shows in the West, I have some doubt about those modern gadgets used in ghost hunting especially one particular electronic device that could make spirits ‘talk’. I supposed whatever spirits that can use this gadget must be pretty ‘modern’.

Luckily we don’t see much of these paranormal programs now days after some pressures from general public as these programs only encourage superstitions. This is actually in line with Feng Shui prediction where occult matters had lost significant and interests in the 8th period. We would need to wait for another 180 years for new interests to resurface.

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