Saturday, December 5, 2015

Paranormal Actress Possessed (演员上身记)

If you wonder if most of the paranormal programs are fakes, then it would be pretty safe for all paranormal program crews as they only need to create some ‘special effects’ to satisfy those curious spectators and then call it a day.  Then you are damn wrong! The reason is that not all program crews possess a strong heart and not everyone has a strong aura to ward off wandering spirits in the filming environments. Bearing in mind that to have a truly scary and persuasive effect, most of those reality shows are filmed in so-called haunted locations namely in the cemeteries and haunted buildings; and in wee hours at night.

Had I not know Grace then I would not have this story to tell…

Grace was only 17 when she took part in a local low cost paranormal reality program. Her task was to visit a famously fierce haunted grave of a pregnant lady located in the center of Kwang Tong Cemetry in Sungai Besi. She was to pierce a piece of green bamboo into the woman’s grave and then pour a bottle of black hound blood through the bamboo. The idea was to force the lady ghost to appear and produce some lucky numbers for the show.

So everything was in order and Grace was doing what she was told to. Her dad was waiting at the entrance of the cemetery chatting with me. It was perhaps in the middle of the shooting, Grace’s sharp yelling voice was heard came from the middle of the cemetery. Everyone rushed to get Grace for the fear of her safety.

After some rush, we found Grace lying face down in a bush near the cemetery of the pregnant lady. Apparently Grace has tripped and fell after she heard some strange noise emitted from the grave. Since Grace’s left foot was swelling with a bad bruise, the filming crew decided to call it a day to let Grace rest and recuperate for a few days.

What happened next was told by Grace’s dad:

“Grace developed high fever the next morning and her left foot was swollen like a bun of bread. It was very strange that when her mom opened up the room curtains, Grace shouted in agony and she had to close back the curtains.

We were worried that Grace’s wound might be infected, so we decided to bring her to a private clinic nearby for treatment. However, no matter how much persuasions we did; Grace refused to go out of the house to face the sun. We had to bring the doctor to the house instead…

At first we thought Grace was in trauma over her shooting experience, so we decided to let her rest for a few days. But after a few days passed, Grace’s condition did not improve. She begun to lock herself in the room and at time talking to herself in her room; someone seemed to be in the room with her. We could faintly hear the crying sound of a baby at night even!

Finally we decided to break into Grace’s room to investigate. There we found Grace was curling in a corner with her eyes rolled back trembling. My wife suggested that Grace’s condition was somehow more spiritual than physical.

So we called up a Thai arjan, but the arjan said his Kumanthong cannot fight the spirit that possessed Grace. After that we called up a Mao Shan Taoist recommended by you and the master suggested that we return to the grave of the pregnant lady with some offerings to appease the angry and disturbed spirit.

We followed the master’s instruction and within 3 days, Grace recovered as normal.”

Well, in case you wonder; the said grave was a notoriously fierce one as in the 60’s, three young men went to the grave to ask for lucky numbers using a piece of green bamboo and black hound blood. Later, the young men knew they had offended the lady ghost and they went to Thailand to seek help. Sadly speaking, all of them died in a car accident on their way back. Looks like Thai monks have no power over angry spirits. That was why I recommended the use of Mao Shan magic over Thai magic. That has proven my choice to be correct. However, I do not understand why the pregnant ghost failed to rest in peace after all these years?

Anyway, be warned that it is no benefit to fool around with magic and spirits.