Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Arguments Of Sheeps (生肖论羊)

It is lucky that someone provided me with date of birth of two contemporary VIPs both of them happened to be ‘sheep’. Perhaps let us now skim through these two VIPs to see their hidden sides:

Example 1:
Steve Jobs
DOB: Feb 24, 1955

The eight characters (八字):


The owner of this DOB is a lucky person but he is lonely and quiet in nature; and that he is a quite talented one. It is a pity that this gentleman has very low life force to enable him to go further in life.

He had a rough start before 20 years old but starting 22 he started to make fame. However in the pinnacle of his career beyond 42, he would face with life threatening issues.

Example 2:
Bill Gates
DOB: Oct 28, 1955

The eight characters (八字):


The owner of this DOB is luckier than the former one in that not only he is capable and that he has the fortune and leadership to be successful in his career. He belongs to ‘fire’ element which brings him fortune during winter autumn time.

This gentleman can live through 70 years.


Both of the gentlemen are some sort of loner and they treated fortune lightly. Bill Gates has a stronger character compared to Steve Jobs and his life force is much stronger in a way too. Another of looking at the DOB is that Steve Jobs earned his fortune when his 'luck' came; but Bill Gates is 'born' lucky!

Overall the ‘sheep’ would have a slower start compared to others and they like to hide their feelings. But their luck would turn better when others’ luck are going down as they aged.

Again, I couldn’t have a very good analysis as the time of both DOB are lacking. But generally both DOBs do somehow represent their owners in a way.

Last but not least, astrological analysis is only a general analysis that may omit some of the outliers or special cases.


  1. Dear mr. Liew
    Will you please tell me about my fortune. I will be glad to know it. I rarely believe in these zodiacs or fortune. U just want to give it a try.
    Name- Arbaaz Khan
    DOB- 24 feb 1997

    1. Dear Arbaaz Khan,

      Yes. We should not believe in zodiac stuffs too much. From the data you gave:

      Your reading shows you are from a good family and that you are cleaver having almost everything you want. But you like to be alone that may not be so good to your social life.

      You are fond of ladies but just control yourself or you will lose a lot of money later. Stop indulging in ladies and you shall have a good future ahead.

      You will see that astrology analysis is only a 'guide' for your future and not your true 'future'.

      Good luck.


  2. Thank you very much by giving me time.. Most of the things you mentioned are true.. wishing you good luck for your life..

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  4. Hi mr liew.can i try it too if you dont mind 😊 24 7 1992. By the way are you a penangite?

    1. No can do kucing... I need to know if u're a gent or a lady first!

    2. Hmm... On the first look... U have some problems in 2014, 2015. Stay away from trouble please; especially about relationships with ladies. U seems to be not at ease and U're a little lonely too. Have to watch your spending and looks like U're somehow accident prone.

      Stay away from trouble after 25 or problems shall come to U. Otherwise U shall have an easy life when U're old.

      Anyway this is only a prediction.

      Good luck.

  5. Oh double sorry mr liew.did not notice it...

  6. Spot a clutz and an accident prone.i've always been thrifty due my upbringing but these two money go down the drain due to the lonely it due to ladies specifically or others?interesting as my western birth chart said the same thing!the problem part is it possible to get more details?maybe over a cup of coffee someday if it fine with you?

  7. Oh yeah.thank you for the reading mr liew :)

  8. Mr liew, I also a sheeps but I feel very miserable and loss in life. Dob 26/4/1979 0659(24) is there anyway I can change and be successful.