Saturday, December 12, 2015

Emptiness Vs Thai Magic (空性对降头)

Theory of emptiness or better known as ‘shunyata’ (空性) is the heart teaching of Tibetan Buddhism. The Great Perfection practices are exclusively about the nature of our ‘heart’ and ‘emptiness’. Used correctly, the concept of emptiness can neutralize any kind of magic practices in this world.

Below is a true story between my Thai magic senior and me which happened fairly recently:

My bro magician was having a tea session with me at my balcony. When I told him that I want to stop practising Thai magic for good, my bro spent quite a lengthy of time to persuade me to change my mind. But my mind was quite made up and our ‘tug-of-war’ dragged for about an hour or longer, and finally I stood up and took the Kurba Arjan statue on my altar and tug it upside down into a waste bin…

Of course, my bro jumped up furiously and said in trembling voice: “Oh~ you have done it! The Kurba Arjan will not forgive you now!!”

Anyway, I said in a calm voice to my bro: “Why not you try to invoke the fury of Kurba Arjan onto me so that I believe in his power?”

My bro, then sat crossed leg on the floor and start chanting some mantra to invoke the power of Kurba Arjan and the 108 lersis.

Guess what? In half an hour’s time, the sky suddenly become gloomy, wind started to blow strongly and lightning flashes were seen from my balcony. Things weren’t looking that good indeed.

Instead of performing counter magic rituals, I merely retrieve the Kurba Arjan statue from dust bin and said to it: “I don’t believe in magic. It is merely a mirage of our mind; empty and illusive as if rainbow in the sky!”

After saying the words, I again inserted the Kurba Arjan statue into dust bin again.

At this point, the once gloomy sky suddenly turned clear. The wind and lighting also halted. My bro continued to chant more rigorously to invoke the power of Kurba Arjan while I took a sip of hot tea.

Now, strangely speaking; no matter how my bro tried to chant, the sky remains calm and finally, my bro gave up chanting. It was my turn to ask him: “Do you want the Kurba Arjan statue or should I leave it in the dust bin?”

He just shook his head and smiled: “Perhaps the Kurba Arjan has finally found his final resting place!”

As I heard, my bro in magic too abandoned his magical practices soon after we last met.


  1. Dear Arjan Liew,

    maybe this is why the scientiest can not find magic. They use emptiness in slight different form and dispel. Isnt it in western magic one has to keep silence about the practise? Isnt it why a non believe shouldnt touch a Swami who reattach his cut tongue? Isnt it so that taoist become nameless so other people not think about him. Isnt Carlos Castaneda wrote something like each person is like a sorcerer?


  2. This story reminds me about one of the first things my teacher taught about magic, i.e. meditate on the void. She said that if you can realize the void, no entity can see or touch you. She also said that the void is the source of powerful magic. Hmm... it seems that she was right after all.