Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Siamese Betta Khata (斗鱼口咒)

The Thai calls a betta fish as 'pla-kad' not 'pla-kid' which is something else.

If you practice Thai magic, then you should also keep some betta fish as not only they are beautiful to be looked at, they too can boost your courage and protect your house from black magic.

Old Thais would empower their betta fish with a special mantra so as to make their betta more fiercer so as to ward off evil spirits and victorious in any betta competitions. As far as I am aware, the origin of this mantra is so old that it is untraceable however.

The translation of such khata is as follows:

"Oh! You are a real fighter, the best fighter!
You are super fierceful hero, the hero of all fishes in the rivers!
Your crystall shinning scales are as if diamond made armors!
Your four fangs are as sharp as spears!
Oh! You are an outstanding and invulnerable fish, nothing can defeat you!"

Practitioners believe that by reciting the above mantra, the betta fish and its owner can unite in spirit and communicate with each other.

I used to recite this mantra when feeding and training my betta fish some dog gone years ago. My betta fish did show some kind of aggression after hearing the mantra so I believe that it did awakened the power of those betta fish.

One small black betta bit my finger when I chanted the mantra and poked at it. Though I was not hurt in any way, the bite gave me a sensation of electric shock.

This mantra was written on a slip of yellowish paper many years ago and I almost completely forgotten about it until I pulled out my old manuscript. 

If you keep betta fish too, then perhaps this mantra is useful.

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