Monday, August 28, 2017

Catfish Tales 2: The Curse (泥鳅的故事2)

Many years ago, a catfish breeder, Chong from Johor wanted to have his ancestor's grave exhumed and to be relocated. A Taoist was engaged to perform the ground breaking ceremony.

On the selected date, Chong and the Taoist with some grave diggers went to his ancestor's grave to perform the task. 

After rounds of blessing rituals, the Taoist instructed the grave diggers to start digging Chong's ancestral grave. And to everyone's surprise, once the grave diggers had dug 6 feet under the ground and reached the top of the coffin cover, a series of crying sounds came from the coffin...

The sound sounds like 'chic... chic... chic...' sort of high pitch baby crying.

Upon opening of the coffin cover, those who present got a second round shock...

The coffin was filled with yellowish mud water and there were a total of 12 catfish wriggling inside the coffin mud water. Chong's ancestor's remains could not be found however.

Chong believed that his ancestor has somehow transformed into 12 super sized giant catfish and he asked the Taoist to perform the deliverance ritual for those thought to be ancestor before releasing the catfish into a river nearby.

According to Jacky that all of the 12 catfish swam a few circles in the river and then resurfaced to take some fresh air as if bidding farewell to the crowd; and then swam away for good.

Believers said that it was a retribution to Chong as a catfish breeder whom has killed many catfish that his ancestor has transformed into bid catfish that would someday be eaten by other gluttons.

I have many doubts that Jacky couldn't answer. Perhaps Chong's ancestor's grave was situated near swamp area and those cat fish just somehow dug a hole into the grave and fed on those 'yummy' corpse until the size they were seen.

Of course, in Feng Shui perspective, when a grave is submerged in water; the descendant would not have a prosper and healthy life. As expected, Chong suffered from serious rheumatic pains ever since his ancestor was laid to rest.

While I cannot be sure if Chong's ancestor has turned into 12 catfish due to cause-effect theory, what I am sure is that it was a Feng Shui problem.

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