Thursday, August 10, 2017

Possessed In Tropical mountain (山林鬼上身)

There are two places that you don't want to get yourself possessed. The first is by the waters, and the next is in a mountain. The former would expose the possessed to the risk of drowning and the later may cause serious injuries or even missing forever.

My friend, James had this experience of being possessed in the hike of Bukit Hijau in Kedah some years ago. Bukit Hijau is different from Gunung Hijau but with many spooks as well. 

At that time James was working in a MNC company in the Hi-Tech Park. He is one of those modern folks that would not believe in supernatural stuffs. Since James is a nature lover, he naturally like to go into nature such as hike up hills.

Before James resigned, he thought of hiking up the Bukit Hijau with a few close friends and I was just tag along to make up the numbers. Not that I am close to James; I had my own agenda which is to look at the rare plants over there.

To ease our group travel, we decided to hire a licensed guide to take the lead.

We assembled at the foot of Bukit Hijau around 8am and after making sure that everything was in order, the guide asked us to start hiking.

The weather was fine and clear although it rained the night before. The guide, Mr. Hassan is an experience one and before the hike, he cautioned us on the do's and don'ts in the hill area.

Everyone nodded and Hassan walked first followed by James with me at the back.

As we walked in a file, I heard James's voice came from the front: "Hey, Hassan! I heard the area near the waterfall is quite haunted..."

"There were a few casualties but we should not talk something like that at this juncture. We shall take a break at the waterfall area." Hassan replied without turning his head and without slowing down his pace.

After about an hour of hiking, we came to the waterfall. It was time to take a break. Hassan pointed his finger towards a corner of the waterfall and cautioned everyone that a few people was found drowned there and that it is better off to stay away for good.

Just as when Hassan finished his words, loudmouth James then asked: "Do you think there are water ghost around here?"

Good manner Hassan shrugged and smiled without answering James's question.

The group was allowed to take a 30 minutes break and we all dispersed to do our own business. As I was searching around for orchid plants to photograph, suddenly I heard a commotion came from the waterfall.

"James, what are you doing in the river?" The frantic voice of Jess was heard.

That has certainly attracted the attention of others including Hassan. As everyone turned his/her attention towards where Jess's voice came from, I saw James was walking into the river towards the waterfall with his head dropped.

Hassan was very quick to react. He immediately rushed to James and put his arms around Jame's chest in an attempt to drag James back to shore. All group members came to aid but James were very powerful and everyone who tried to secure James were flung away.

Luckily just before James made another attempt to go into the water, Hassan took out a handful of coarse salt and threw at James. 

As soon as the salt grains stroke James, he immediately fell onto the ground.

Someone sprinkled some cold water onto Jame's face and some smeared oilment on his temples in an attempt to revive him.

A few minutes later, James was himself again. While staring at the crowd, James asked: "What are you guys doing surrounding me?"

"You were possessed and nearly drown your self!" Hassan said calmly.

Perhaps James has read our minds from our inquisitive stares, he said: "While I was washing my hands at the shore, I saw a lady waved at me in the whirlpool by the waterfall. When I was about to help the lady in distress, heavy rain started to pour and the lady was gone. The next thing I knew was seeing you guys surrounding me..."

After James's inexplicable experience, we decided to call off the expedition. Perhaps James was really enchanted by previous drowned ghosts because of his loudmouth? Only God knows!

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  1. Your article just gave me goosebumps literally!. Yes, I agree that supernatural beings do exist and their population is more in the forest, river and mountain regions.