Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Cursed Swingset (不祥的秋千)

Children's playground fitted with seesaw, merry-go-round, swingset, slide. chin-up bars and etc. is normally a fun place for small children to play but it can be dangerous too if those facilities are not being maintained properly.

There was an inauspicious swingset with another kind of 'danger' at the place I stayed when I was in Kuala Kangsar. The said swingset was once located at a playground behind my house. It was said to be inauspicious because two kids who had played on the swingset were rammed over by cars in separate incidents, and a pregnant lady suffered miscarriage.

I once sat on the swingset and it seemed to be able to swing automatically and at first I felt fun. But the swingset continued to swing violently and it couldn't stop. I was very scared then until I cried out loud. Luckily my dad was beside the swingset and he managed to stop it with the help of people around. Since then I dare not approach the swingset.

Today, the inauspicious swingset together with the small playground were demolished and a public hall was built instead.

The problem with the swingset might originated on the piece of land itself. It was rumoured that many folks were killed and tortured by the Imperial Army during the WWII period there.

A local resident, Chen said that one night after having supper with his friends in a restaurant outside of the housing estate. He saw an old lady carrying a very big bag walking by the playground. Chen wanted to help but no matter how fast he chased after the old lady, he couldn't get near her...

A lady teacher said: "I  returned from night class one day and saw a couple squatting by that swingset. The lady kept holding the man's head as if trying to put it in place. Due to curiosity, I approached the couple to see if I could be of any help... then I saw the man's head was severed and blood oozed from the cut. I yelled out from the bottom of my lungs and fainted. When I woke up, the couple was gone."

A couple moved into a house opposite the playground. The husband worked in a construction site and the wife was pregnant and stayed in the house. Everyday, the lady would sit on the swingset waiting for her husband to return.

One evening, the lady sat on the swingsat as usual and the swing started to swing violently. She panicked and yelled for help. Sadly, before help arrived; the lady was thrown off the swingset and knocked unconscious.

She was sent to the district hospital but suffered first from miscarriage and then died of excessive lost of blood.  Sadly too that her husband was killed in the construction site by a fallen brick.

A few days later, many residents saw the couple at the swingset. The lady sat on the swingset and the husband pushed the swing. 

Two kids came to the playground to play and both of them were rammed over by a drunk driver while on their way back after sat on the swing. The mishap occurred on the road beside the playground.

Since then no locals would get near the swingset after dark.

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