Monday, August 28, 2017

Catfish Tales 1 (泥鳅的故事1)

I have to some extent explored stories from Malaysian mountain ranges. Talking about mountain made me recall of the aquatic world too.

Since young, I have affinity with fishes. I did manage to keep some tropical fishes a long while ago but none lived too long. Now I have restarted my childhood passion because some of my plants like to be near water.

Of course, my fish tales are not as bizarre as my other ghost stories but I found them a nice switch between the mundane world and the spiritual however. I hope you will like them...

The piece of vacated land in front of my old Taiping house was cleared for construction project. For some reasons that after a long while no further developments were seen there. Instead after some rounds of heavy rainfalls, the place was developed into a small pond. And, weeds started to grow naturally. Naturally, nothing would catch my attention on that pond too so said.

Then after one heavy down pour, I saw some anglers started to gather by the pond to fish. At first, I couldn't believe that fishes could live in such a small man made pond. But my curiosity made me to approach one of the anglers to investigate. To my great surprised, there in the basket of that angler; I saw a dozen of big and small catfish wriggling. 

After some logic reasoning, I couldn't understand from where the catfish came from. So I dragged Jacky to the pond one day and asked him to explain my doubt.

My friend, Jacky is a fishing fan, he told me that catfish is known as the 'ghost of aquatic' and its cryptic behavior is very hard to be understood. Catfish can craw on land as if a lizard and it too can produce spine chilling ghostly cry at night. So, the catfish in that particular pond might be the immigrants from other water sources said Jacky.

Feeling disbelieved, I surveyed around and the nearest water source was another small lake about 50m away. There is no logical way that those cat fish could crawl over a tarred road and grass land into the pond in front of us.

Perhaps those catfish were released by some good heart Buddhists in the name of 'animal liberation'? Or some construction workers decided to keep some catfish there so that they can fish at a later date?

Looking at me showing some sign of disbelief, Jack gave me an evil grin. This is the usual sign that Jack wanted to start telling his ghost story. So, I pulled him to a nearest coffee shop so that I could record them down for you... Interested? Stay tuned please!

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