Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Return My Child To Me (还我儿来)

Not all traditional herbalists understands magic. There are many amateur herbalists who like to plough the jungle for herbs.  Not many people know that collection of flora and fauna in jungle is prohibited by law, random picking of plants or stones may bring a person into troubles too...

A fellow herbalist of mine, Mr. Woo is a seasoned self-made herbalist who liked to go everywhere to collect rare herbs.  Normally Woo will go in a group of people into jungle for a day or two for herbs collection and most of the time nothing supernatural happened. Except once.

During a herb hunting trip to Fraser Hill a few years ago, Woo collected many rare herbs until he has lost count of how many herbs he has really collected.

At midnight, someone banged Woo's front door frantically. Woo went to answer the door and as soon as Woo opened the door, he saw a lady in green looked pretty stressed.

The lady looked anxiously at Woo and said: "Please return my child to me or he will die soon!"

The still sleepy Woo could not make any sense of the lady's words and he just replied: "Wrong number, lady!" And then, Woo slammed shut the front door; and went to sleep.

Then the next night exactly at the same hour, the knocking started on Woo's front door again. Woo opened the door and there it stood the same lady in green staring at him. Only that this time, the lady showed slight anger and uttered: "If you don't return my child, you will be sorry!"

Again, Woo dismissed the lady as a lunatic and slammed the door.

The next morning, Woo thought of the strange knocking at night and he has no clue that he has by any chance 'abducted' someone's child. Since Woo was not superstitious, he again dismissed the incident. There was no more knocking on the following nights.

Two weeks later, Woo again joined another group to hunt herbs in the jungle. Just half way the jeep Woo was in went up the hill, a lady suddenly run in front of the jeep and in order to avoid ramping into the lady; the driver applied on the emergency brake.

Unfortunately, Woo who was sitting at the back of the jeep was caught by surprised and as he didn't take a good grasp of the jeep railing; he was flung out from his seat into a deep ravine by the road.

Woo's companion quickly informed the authority and a search and rescue team was dispatched. Woo was eventually found a few hours later with a broken leg and unconscious.

I heard of Woo's mishap and went to visit him in the hospital. Woo was able to relate to me that before he passed away, he saw the same lady in green appeared before him and she said: "You took my child, I take your leg. You shall not hike anymore!"

True enough, with a metal support implanted inside Woo's right leg; hill hiking is not an advisable things to do.

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