Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Killer Underground Car Park (地下停车场)

Lands in metropolitan cities are expensive so in order to achieve the maximum cost over performance ratio, developers would resort to build multi-story buildings so as to achieve maximum profits. So it is not uncommon to find sky scrapers with multi-story underground car parks in major cities of the world.

With all four sides tightly sealed by concrete walls, basements are normally used as storage area or car parks. Since basements are much lower than the outside ground level, water proofing and discharging facilities must be able to handle a sudden inflow of water or big problems will occur.

Of course, any engineering design will have a capacity limit to how much water a pump can discharge. When there is a sudden inrush of water due to excessive heavy rain fall or in the event that the pump failed to operate; then we can imagine what would happen to those folks trapped inside their vehicles in an underground car park.

Talking about underground car park reminds me of an incident occurred some time ago in a private condominium in West Point, Hong Kong. In that mishap, a couple was found drowned in their luxury car which parked in the condo underground car park.

It was when a 30km/h typhoon besieging Hong Kong and heavy rain started to pour, a couple parked their car in the said underground car park and had some intimate act inside the vehicle. To them, this maybe the best time to get intimate as the car park was almost empty hence no one would disturb them.

The love indulged couple was certainly oblivious about the weather condition outside as the meteorological department has put up Hurricane Signal No. 10.

Typhoon Aere was gathering momentum besieging North Point bringing a large quantity of rain water. Strong wind caused the sea water to back flow onto the shore and flooding any low land area along its passage, including the car park where the couple was in.

Aere left Hong Kong with severe damages after besieging there for 10 hours or so.

It was only after a few days that workers managed to restart the flood pump to clear the water in the car park and the corpse of the couple was later found inside their ill fated car.

One month later, a doctor who happened to stay in that condominium found there was a pool of mud water coupled with the foul smell of rotten flesh accumulated in his car. This is not the first time such mysterious liquid is found present.

Feeling upset, the doctor went to the management to complain but he was told that he was not the sole victim of that strange liquid. There were others too complaint of the presence of those smelly liquid in their vehicles.

Strangely speaking, all CCTV recording did not show who was the culprit until one day...

Wong went to the basement car park to get his car, just as when he approached his car; he saw the shadow of a couple looked like having intimate act.

Angered by what he saw, Wong immediately rushed towards his car, opened the door and shouted: "Don't fxxk in my... "

Before Wong could finish the word 'car', he felt a chill breeze rushed through him and he gave a shiver and swallowed the word.

When Wong took a second look, there was no sign of the couple but a pool of smelly mud water!

Later Wong combined with other tenants held a deliverance ritual for the restless couple and strangely too, after the ritual, though the ghostly shadow of a couple continued to be seen in the car park; they did not enter any cars.

Of course, personally I would shy away from parking in basement car park when the weather is not good. Believe it or not, that is up to you...

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