Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Gamblers & Cup Spirit (赌徒与碟仙)

I don't gamble but most of my friends are gamblers. The point is that if you don't gamble, you will not be able to understand those odd behaviors of gamblers do to get themselves 'lucky'.

A couple of weeks ago, I was drinking a mug of chilled beer in a bar when a few 4D fans barged in and gathered around me. So we drank together and after a while, I was being dragged half forced and half intimidated by those buggers to a graveyard.

Apparently my pals wanted to ask for lucky numbers from the spirits but afraid of possible consequences. Hence I was somehow 'invited' to provide some 'protection' to them from those evil spirits...

There were a total 4 of us. The target grave was the grave of a pregnant lady who passed away for less than 49 days.

When everything was set, I just sat beside the grave stone and Ah Boy laid out a piece of paper inscribed with alphabets, numbers, 'yes', 'no' and a 'home' positions. The players were Ah Boy, Kow and Jack. The three of them put their middle fingers onto a small plate inscribed with a arrow head to indicate the choice of letter or number the spirit has chosen.

The trio started to chant: "Spirit of plate, spirit of plate where are you?"

After a while, the plate started to move among the characters.

Ah Boy asked: "What are the sure numbers for this 4D lucky draw?"

The spirit answered: "Don't know."

Ah Boy was agitated and start scolding 4 letter words: "Fxxk! How can you don't know!? You dare to call yourself spirit!?"

Ah Boy went on cursing and swearing non-stop for many rounds meanwhile the small plate just sat still on the paper motionless.

Seeing that Ah Boy could not get any answers from the spirit, I made a hand gesture and chanted an exorcism mantra and then removed the plate.

The trio decided to call it a night and I too was happy to leave the company.

A week later, Kow came to my house to tell me that the three of them suffered from pneumonia one day after returning from the grave. During that period, all three dreamed of a pregnant lady pointed her finger at them while scolding dirty words.

Kow wanted to know if the spirit of the lady had left he and his pals alone.

After sending off my guardian spirits to investigate, the respond I got was: "No ghosts want any business with the gamblers!"

So I rest my case.

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  1. If you do know real magic
    You should know one cannot invoke magic when consuming alcohol

    Great story telling nevertheless