Thursday, August 10, 2017

Advice For A Desperado (对失望者的劝告)

A Desperado sent me a message indicating that he has lost his way in life and that he has no direction to go in his 50s. Initially Desperado wanted to make cakes to sell in the market after receiving some advice from a fortune teller near where he stays.

But the second time Desperado visited the said fortune teller, the Desperado was told by the fortune teller that he is not good in marketing and that the Desperado would lead a very lonely old age.

At the end, Desperado came to me for advice.

After studying the astrology chart of this Desperado, my advice to him are:

1. Since his chart shows that this Desperado is quite proud of himself and that he could hardly work in a group; then the best option for him is to start his own business in a small way first. Making cakes to sell in a local market is a good start.

2. This Desperado is also quite talented and he has good public relation skills but he would not lower himself in doing marketing. So, instead of asking others to sell for him; he can actually start selling his cakes in the Facebook, Blogs or intranets. Of course, everything takes time and this Desperado really needs to sink in to his business with perseverance.

3. His reading shows that since he has wasted some 20 years of his life non-productive between 34-53, and now in the mid 50's and without too much help from his siblings and family; this Desperado can only do his business in the scale that he could manage.

4. Presently in the mid 50's, Desperado must really take care of his health rather than doing business alone.

In short, my advice to Desperado would just be do whatever he likes most in the scale he can manage and watch over his health. I like to be optimistic, but really, in mid 50's; a person should strive to maintain his financial status rather than attacking all out. 

Also, while doing his cake selling business, Desperado should try to open up himself and help others. It is only when he makes more friends that he would not feel so lonely and worry who will accompany him when he is old. 

Well, this world is not made of one person alone. That is for sure. 

So, good luck to Desperado. I hope he can see light in his near future.

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