Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Restless Social Escort (不休的应招女)

There are many tactics that foreign social escorts employ to avoid being nabbed by the authorities. For example they would marry to a local, or these escorts would stay in an isolated area such as oil palm plantation. Another place would be renting units in flats in metropolitan cities and disguise as housewives.

Jane was a freelance Chinese social escort operated in KL downtown areas. She rented a small unit in the metropolitan city and paid someone to 'marry' her. 

All went well for a few years and Jane accumulated some handsome saving thanks to those generous and lustful customers. Since Jane already had a family back in home in mainland China, she sent all her earnings back.

A month before Jane decided to call it a day in KL, she suddenly received a message from her husband that he wanted to divorce her as this husband of her has found his new love. Perhaps Jane was not heart broken due to the divorce but all her 'hard earned' money, she chose to end her life by putting on red cloth and jumping off the balcony of her unit.

No one knows why Jane worn red before committing suicide. Maybe she wanted to transform into vengeful ghosts to seek revenge?

A few weeks later, a few taxi drivers gathered at the ground floor of the flat to drink and chat after work. One of the drivers, Beng was quite drunk and he decided to call it a day. So he bade his companions good night and staggered towards the flat lift.

When the lift door opened, Beng saw a very pretty woman in red inside the lift compartment. Perhaps Beng was attracted to her beauty, his eyes were transfixed on her. The woman also looked at Beng and Beng somehow became enchanted and followed the woman to her unit.

Beng spent a night at the woman's place but when he awoke in the morning, Beng found himself being locked inside out in an empty unit...

Since then, some taxi drivers continued to be enticed by the red cloth woman to have intimate act whether in a bush or in an empty unit in that flat. Since the taxi drivers didn't suffer any loses, people just treat the strange encounters just erotic dreams.

May be it is the working of restless Jane meant to seek revenge at her husband since he too was a taxi driver? Perhaps too that Jane still is not remorced even after she is dead?

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