Monday, August 28, 2017

Catfish Tales 3: The Haunting (泥鳅的故事3)

People who have been to Alor Setar would notice that some of the houses are built in the middle of rice fields. This is the story of an infamous haunted house somewhere in the outskirt of Alor Setar.

Previous tenants had claimed that that is an inauspicious house and that it must be haunted. No one could stay in the said house for a very long time. Narrations from those who had stayed in the house are almost the same:

Strange crying noise could be heard echoing throughout the house during midnight. Panic stricken tenants would be awakened in their slumbers with goose bumps developed all over their bodies.

Those timid ones would cover their heads with thick blankets and chanted mantras in the hope that the gods would come to lend a hand. The brave ones would switched on the lights holding machetes in their hands and searched throughout the house in the hope to snatch the culprit. As soon as the tenants started to make commotions, those strange noise would halt almost immediately only to continue when the lights or the sounds of chanting are out.

Whatever the timid and the brave ones did could do any good as the strange haunting continues. The news of the house to be haunted started to spread within the village area and naturally standard stories of evil spirits and vampires started to spread like wild fire.

The combined effects of mysterious noises coupled with those spooky rumors naturally pushed those already panic stricken tenants towards the edge of becoming insane. At this point, it would only seem wise for any tenants just to abandon house and move away from this evil realm to safety for good...

After the haunted house vacated for a fairly long time, two brave strangers bought the house with a fairly low price and moved in the house. As strangers, they were not aware of the rumors spread in the area.

Of course, the strangers were not immune towards the strange noise at midnight. They too was awakened by those high pitched squeaking noise at night and had to stay awake until day breaks. 

Finally one of them decided to trace and track the source of the strange noise and found it to have come from the toilet.

So, the next day, a plumber was called to perform a checking on the sewage system. After some digging, the plumber caught two pretty big catfish in the sewage piping. The investigation also shown that a section of the sewage pipe had a hole and those catfish might have entered the sewage system through the hole.

Naturally, with the capturing of the catfish; the strange noice was not heard anymore. With that, the rumours of ghosts and goblins were also gone with the wind in time.


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