Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Case In Date Selection: Where Is It? (日課)

Date selection technique is generally practised to find an auspicious date.
I was asked this question: Where could it be?


Let’s refer to a case in date selection and try to do some detective work ourselves:


First, just a disclaimer: this is only a study and does not refer to any real case.


According to previous I Ching prediction, the ‘thing’ is spread from the northeast of a mountain to southwest side of that mountain on a piece of land along the path. It is possibly on the northeast coastal area.


Now we will look into the date of the incident itself as listed above:


Basically, the time is not an auspicious timing. First of all, the hour of water enhanced the ill effects of ‘shan-sha’ (三煞) which is also of water element. Then the month and hour of the lower parts are in conflict (子卯 ) which means that it will not move far and that someone has done inappropriate actions; while the upper parts fuse water and fire into the wood element (丁壬合木). This is the fusion of ‘lust’ in astrological terms.


The year part fell into ‘emptiness’ (空亡) refers this may be a case of ‘air related incident’.


The day and hour fall onto ‘death and lifeless’. I am not going to elaborate more as it is quite apparent from the table above.


Let’s go back to answer the question of: where is it?


The answer is pretty obvious: it fell as fire into water at first and then being covered amongst trees, hills and water. Hence, my guess is that it is hiding in some northeast part of coastal area and the southeast part of that place.


Whatever situation is, only the time will reveal the truth. We can only pray at this time for everyone involved. Again, let’s not speculate but to wait patiently.


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  1. Dear Sir,
    Yes, Your I-Ching calculation right! The government declared the MH307 crashed into Indian Ocean.
    SW of KLIA...!!!