Saturday, March 1, 2014

They Marched Forever And Ever

The Penang Hill is a pretty haunted place too that I can assure you. Many places have seen massacre during Japanese occupations more than half a century ago. It is said that the most haunted bungalow on Penang Hill is situated at the western end of the hill. This bungalow was built before WW2 and it was served as Japanese army headquarters in the region.


There were many sightings of headless figures walk in a procession along the corridor at midnight. These figures were said to be the ghost of folks beheaded by the Japanese Imperial Armies during the occupation of Penang Island.


It was claimed that the bathroom, toilet and the storage room were fiercely haunted and no one dares to enter these rooms after dark alone. Story has it that someone took a shower in the bathroom and the water suddenly turned into blood. I was told that this bathroom is now being locked up for good.


In early the early 2000, there was a group of employees from a MNC renting the bungalow for team building activities. One of the employees went missing for 3 days during one of their night activities. Let us call this gentleman Mr. Low for ease of identification.


As recalled by Mr. Low later after he was found by the search and rescue team and as he was recuperating in the hospital:


"We had planned a night treasure hunt activity on that particular day; two of us will be in a group to search for a number of hidden objects around the bungalow compound. It was a pretty harmless game at a glance. The game kicked off at 9pm after we had our dinner and a short briefing on the rules of the game.


Somewhere in the mid of the game, I felt a need to go to the toilet to relieve myself but the toilet was quite a walking distance. So I resorted to urinate behind a large tree and asked my partner to wait.


Strange thing happened after I have done my business; I found the familiar scene around the bungalow has changed. There were a troop of Japanese soldiers falling in lines and in front of the line was a Japanese officer with his all familiar sword. The officer seemed to be briefing the soldiers but unfortunately I can’t understand Japanese…


Apparently the officer has noticed my presence and he walked towards me; I tried to run away but he was faster. When he caught hold of me, he dragged me to one of the empty space between the soldiers and indicated that I should stand there.


After I fall in line for a while, the troop started to march forward. We marched up and down the terrain for hours and hours until it was almost dawn. Then the troops were ordered to rest under trees and bushes and we were given breads and tea.


The march continued when night falls and we rest during daylight. This continued for three consecutive days until I was ambushed by local resistance groups and being caught while I was having my breakfast. Someone hit me on my nape and I fainted and only to be awaken in the hospital.


The doctor told me that the rescue team found me eating clay and drinking muddy water about 100 feet away from the bungalow. He had to remove large quantity of soil from my stomach.


My colleagues said that I was running like a mad man that night after emerging from the back of the tree. They tried to catch hold of me but I was too fast for them and soon they have lost sight of me…


The mystery was that they still couldn’t figure out why no one has notice my presence since I was just about 100 feet away from the bungalow."


Whatever case it is, Penang Hill is definitely a good place that you shouldn’t miss if you are in Penang. However, please don’t urinate under any trees or bear the consequence yourself.



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