Friday, March 14, 2014

Good Place, Bad Timing: Trouble (择日漫谈)

Ordinary people view Feng Shui as the science of choosing a dwelling and grave; the practitioner view Feng Shui as a science that combines astrology with space planning. A not so auspicious place can be tackled by choosing a good date. If a master doesn’t understand the technique of selecting a good date, then he/she would find himself/herself in predicament because frankly speaking, there aren’t too many good and auspicious places around in this world.


Since I have come into contact with Feng Shui, there were many, and still are many bizarre and unexplainable yet unfortunate cases continue to happen such as the case of recently missing plane. For example one experiences financial losses, ill health, injuries, affairs just to name a few. Apparently these incidents have irritated those new house owners who were supposed to enjoy their new properties.


It is indeed quite challenging at times to find out what actually happened to the properties as most of the premises though wouldn’t make the dwellers super rich; the place aren’t that bad either. Upon further investigation, it normally transpired that the move in date was inauspicious: it is either the date and time are conflicting or someone has disturbed ‘sha’ (犯煞).


While majority of good people out there choose inauspicious dates by chance; there are others who purposely choose inauspicious dates just to get rich such as that of the stories of “fighting with sha” (斗煞) and HK CTV posted earlier.


There is a Chinese saying about these types of practices:



(Anyone who want to become rich fast, then fight san-sha; whoever want to be aristocrats, renovate direction of tai-sui)


Many secular masters thus encourage unwary folks to renovate where the ‘sha’ and yearly animal are. I have seen many cases that places of supposedly good Feng Shui didn’t bring good luck as anticipated but troubles to the owners. The reason is the effect of time and space are the fastest amongst all elemental forces.


This is clearly stated in “Doubting Dragon Sutra” <疑龙经>


(Anyone who wanted to do renovation or burial, he/she must perform star chart calculation first. Even though the places are auspicious; troubles come first. This is called “discarding corpses without due luck”.)


Basically, one must not choose a ‘san-sha’ year, month, date and time whenever possible unless the time are pretty auspicious. Other than that the ‘earth-sha’ (土煞) and tai-sui (太岁) would best be avoided too though there are many ways to go about to mitigate the ill effects caused by these ‘sha’.


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