Friday, March 14, 2014

Liu-powen Fight San-sha’ (劉伯溫斗三煞)

Now, let me tell you a story of ‘fight san-sha” as I know many friends will like to hear this very interesting yet old folklore. I have provided the story in Chinese as well as I felt some difficulties in the actual translation:

The Ming emperor Zhu-yuanzhang wanted to refurbish the royal palace main hall so he ordered Liu-bowen to select an auspicious date. After some calculations, Liu has finally selected a date and time to perform the renovation work. However, the royal astrologer objected the date and time as those were extremely inauspicious timings. But Liu-bowen told Zhu-yuanzhang: "It will be OK provided that your majesty order Li-shanzhang and Chang-yuchun to supervise the work."


The emperor Zhu-yuanzhang decided to follow Liu-bowen’s plan.


On the commencement of the work, as it was anticipated thick clouds congregated with lightings and thunders causing workers to panic and wanted to stop working.


At this time Li-shanzhang and Chang-yuchun entered the main hall as planned. The clouds dispersed while lightings and thunders immediately ceased; seemed that the weather has immediately turned sunny again.


Later, the royal astrologer asked Liu-bowen and he answered: “Since the green dragon and white tiger both entered together, why should I fear of san-sha?”

后来欽天监请教于刘伯温,伯温答道: “青龙百虎一起登殿,那怕三煞?”

This is the folklore of “going against san-sha”.


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