Sunday, March 2, 2014

They Don’t Know They Are Dead (死相)

You must think I am crazy in saying that there are people don’t know they are already dead. But it is true. The telltale signs are all written on their faces of course: when you come across someone whose faces are waxy grey without any facial expressions; chances are you have hit the bull’s-eye.


This is a case happened a few years ago. My pal owns two flat units in Relau, Penang. He stays in one and the other he rented to an old lady hawker selling fried rice vermicelli. You know now days, flats are built with two units facing each other though people say that it is not good Feng Shui.


My pal doesn’t have the habit to shut his main door so he can keep an eye on the other flat as well. His two kids like to play on the corridor between the flats with other kids. One evening, when I was visiting my pal for a chat; his two kids suddenly ran towards us and said: “Daddy, Uncle! We saw two men in black escorted the old lady away without paying this month’s rental!”


So, we immediately rushed to the main door to have a look… Well, there was no one in the corridor and the door remains shut where the old lady was staying. Looks okay we thought.


The next day, when I was doing my morning marketing; I habitually walked pass the old lady’s fried vermicelli stall and noticed that she was busy frying vermicelli and entertaining her usual customers. One thing I noticed about the lady’s face was that her face looked extremely pale, more towards grayish in color without any facial expressions. Though I thought it was strange but I didn’t put that in mind.


One week passed and I suddenly received a call from my pal. He said the old lady had died a week ago, he only suspect something was wrong a few days ago after smelling awful smell came from his opposite flat. Since he had a set of spare keys, he opened the flat where the old lady was supposed to stay and to his shock; he found the old lady’s dead body was swollen and started to decay. Maggots were crawling everywhere and that was the most awful scene he has ever seen.


Apparently the old lady didn’t know that she had died about 7 days ago and continued to work throughout the week!


Similarly, another friend of mine who had a hotel business in JB, whose mother died of heart attack but continued to visit his tenants 3 days later until such a stage that everyone complaint to my friend that his mother was still ‘alive’!


Try to observe if you can spot any of the walking deaths amongst the living. I am sure you will be surprised too…

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