Thursday, March 6, 2014

When It Is Time (當壽元盡)

When one’s time is up, there is no religion, magic or any occult sciences can do to save the day although we can argue about that with many successful and not so successful examples. You may call me a pessimist; but I would still say that it is fate or one’s destiny according to the below saying:



“First and foremost, the fate rules all. Secondly, it is the luck and thirdly the Feng Shui.”


My old school mate, Jeff is staying in Singapore and his brother, George was suffering from serious kidney issues. Since Jeff thinks that his brother’s sickness was perhaps due to Feng Shui issues; he invited me to go to his brother’s place to look see, look see. Though it is a distance between Singapore and Penang, I had to comply because Jeff is my old acquaintance.


When I had finally set foot at George’s place, I saw his face was quite pale indicating that his health was quite bad and that his hair has almost fallen off too. So, I asked George’s date of birth and started to calculate his luck. Unfortunately, the calculation showed that George’s life was at his terminal stage (大限). I pulled Jeff at one side and quietly told him my prediction but tell George that he will be okay and he just need some rest. Frankly, I just don’t want George to worry too much as there is nothing anyone can do better then.


After that I proceed to perform the Feng Shui audit as that was the purpose of my visit anyway:


George’s bed was located at the northern part of his apartment but the passageway leading to his bed was from the southeast. This forms the ‘trap’ () in I Ching. Not only had that; the flying star 5 and 2 congregated in the bedroom as well. No wonder George was having serious illness.


In addition, the apartment Feng Shui was bad too. The eastern door with eastern staircase made it a ‘double hit’ (伏吟). Although I had suggested some remedial actions, but I still asked George to move house if possible.


It appeared that George wanted to move anyway but still waiting for occupation permit (入伙紙) from the government and that has delayed George’s move in process considerably too. Unfortunately speaking, I just received a call from Jeff that George’s illness just aggravated last week and passed away few days ago.


That, my friend; I would attribute George’s death to his fate. So, if one has done what one wanted in life; then there is no regret. The question remains, are you ready?


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