Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chaos Theory In Occult World (混沌論)

Only when I am in my mid 40s that I realized our life is not permanent, there are just too many things pop up unexpectedly even though with some occult knowledge at hand. I think I will call this situation “order in chaos”; there is still law and order in our seemingly chaotic life journeys. The more religious ones will call this force “the almighty God”; while Buddhists choose to call it “the cause and effect” (因果).


I met with an old acquaintance, Yuan now a self-made millionaire for tea in a hotel last week. According to Yuan, what he is doing now that led him to today’s multimillion business was not planned. In fact, he wanted to become an artist at first. We can imagine that if he indeed became an artist; he would only be able to make ends meet today.


What I can say is that ‘luck’ is on his side. In the midst of pursuing his artist dream; his father has fallen ill and need someone to take over their family business which is selling hot pot cuisines (火鍋料理) a decade ago. Now that his products are sold all over the globe; he has certainly accumulated immense wealth.


No wonder Yuan said that after one travels on the life journey for a while and then paused and think about it; the person becomes so bewildered and wonder why he/she has chosen such an option to begin with. If there is a second chance, he wonders if anyone can walk the path again.


Apparently Yuan is an intelligent person to talk to as there are hidden wisdom in his words although he has not studied any occult sciences. In fact, Yuan’s words have given me new perspectives on astrology and Feng Shui:


Astrology and Feng Shui are based on a set of formulas and theories; hence their accuracies are very much depended if one can master these knowledge or otherwise. If anyone cares to invest in their time to investigate, then they will agree that this wisdom of old is not simply superstitions.


For example:


Astrology can fairly accurately pinpoint out one’s life journey, relatives, careers, education, health etc. On the other hand, Feng Shui calculations can foretell the well beings on the whole household by simply looking at the house direction and the surrounding environments.


Since our life is chaotic in nature and astrology and Feng Shui helped us to discover orders and reasons on human life; this is almost equivalent to our modern “Chaos Theory” counterpart in field of study in mathematics. As to the correlations between the two, I would have to leave it to the younger generations to explore.

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