Sunday, March 2, 2014

An Eye for An Eye (兇眼)

Three types of unkind eyes (兇眼)

Reading a person’s eyes is the first step in Chinese face reading for if the eyes are good, then everything else would not expect to have too much problems. There is a saying amongst the face readers:
“Face reading starts with the eyes.”

There are many types of eyes in Chinese face reading. Amongst all of those eye types, there are 3 types of eyes that I am a little particular about. The insiders call these eyes the ‘unkind eyes’ (兇眼). Experts believe persons with these types of eyes are unkind and arrogant; they will have no good endings. Ideally we should have common eyes of course, but that is not of our choices:
·         4 white eye (四白眼)
o   This is the worst of all. The person is likely to involve in accidents, experience surgeries, knife injuries, paranoid, mental disorders or prone to commit suicide.
·         Upper 3 white (上三白眼)
o   The consequences are as mentioned above but of lesser severity.
·         Lower 3 white (下三白眼)
o   The consequences are as with the upper 3 white eye, but again of lesser severity.
As per general rules, the eyes represent the life during 35-40 years old. This is not to say that bad luck would be over after the age of 40 years old for those who have unkind eyes. If the eyes are not so good, then not only his/her whole life wouldn’t be good; life during 35 to 40 will especially be bad.
Try to observe the characters in TV programs and you will agree with what is said about people with unkind eyes. Be careful if your bosses have a pair of unkind eyes because your life will be like hell too! You have my condolences!

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