Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What Happened On That Day?

Disclaimer: This posting does not refer to any real situations. The discussion is only meant to show how to use I Ching for performing predictions.

A friend of mine went missing while travelling far north for a holiday trip a week ago and his family members have not heard from him since so they asked me to check him out. I have no remote viewing ability so I used I Ching instead.


In 2014, the year Shan-sha (三煞) are located at north and belong to water element. Since my pal travelled at midnight, it was the hour of rat (子時: 2300hrs – 0059hrs). The rat is also belongs to water element hence added to the force of Shan-sha. Now I am a little worry about the well being of my pal.


Let’s try to look at I Ching reading in mind:


The ‘host’ refers to my pal while the ‘opponent’ refers to the person he was to visit.


If looks like that my pal has not yet met his friend as he has changed his destination due to the seduction of a lady. Now we can only wait for the news with much patience and he would probably involve with lawsuits in due time.


So what is my pal’s future direction?


I would say his condition is not good as nothing furthers on his side.


Now, let’s look at what my pal has experienced so far:


He started from east moving forward in the air towards northeast direction. Suddenly there was a thunder in the sky and he hit a mountain and falls to the ground on southwest.


I hope I have better news for my pal’s family; but let’s pray for a miracle.


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  1. Dear sir,
    With due respect.
    Please calculate the MH370, as where she now?
    [ps:I understand many readers assume u wrote about the MH370 in this article]