Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Fallacy Of Migration

When a person has settled and sinks in the culture of a place for quite a while, it would be extremely difficult to persuade him/her to migrate to a totally foreign land. Someone would attribute this to culture shock; you may call it fear of the unknown if you so wish desires. You would be surprised that even a simple location change within a country would also be quite traumatic to many folks so to speak. Only those who have moved frequently understand what I meant.


There are many telltale signs in astrology if a person will migrate to a foreign land or otherwise. If the stars for migration are good, then the migration would be auspicious and if the stars are far from ideal; then the migration spells disaster.


Some time ago a friend of mine migrated to the central part of Canada. He came to me for an astrology consultation session but I advised him to knock off the idea as his stars showed that his migration would be disastrous. However, my pal said that his wife and he have made up their mind for the benefit of their offspring. I had nothing else to say but bid them bon voyage and asked him to take care.


A year later, I received an email from my pal saying that he has settled down in Canada and that he has purchased a house facing true north; and that the house was selected by his friend who was also well versed in the art of Feng Shui. So I wished him good luck and glad that he has finally settled down in a foreign land.


Another year lapsed, I received another mail from my pal mentioning that he has suffered from some sort of brain cancer and had been plying between his house and hospital for some time. He decided to send me a mail as he has remembered that I had warned him of potential danger.


I asked my pal to send pictures of his house as I was intrigued by the so called auspicious house chosen by the Feng Shui master. It transpired from the pictures that even though the flying stars were good; the geographical location was not:


The house was a 7th period house but the front of the house was facing a hill while there was a ravine at the back. This forms a condition called “up the mountain and down the hill” (上山下水) and it is a big no-no to chose to stay in such a house as anyone who stays in the house would face bankruptcy and loss of life.


I replied my pal’s mail and asked him to move house but I didn’t received any respond. Things went quiet for a while until I heard the news of my pal’s death from an email chain last year.


Apparently speaking, not everyone can benefit from a migration. There is no secret about the whole situation as the secret is in individual’s star chart. Call this one’s destination if you may.

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