Saturday, March 1, 2014

Empowering Your Lucky Numbers (祭字)

There is a Chinese saying that goes:



“Horses become fat with wild grasses; human become rich with windfall.”


Unless one is born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth; ordinary folks like you and me would depend on windfall (橫財) to get rich. What else if not buying lucky numbers or lotteries from established companies? There are just too many examples people suddenly got millions of dollars overnight now and then in the news…


I am not trying to encourage gambling and I don’t gamble myself; I think small and occasional gamble actually helps us to relieve tensions. At least having some hope is better than no hope at all.


In Taoist magic, there are many methods for a person to get lucky numbers: one can ask lucky numbers from the spirits through mediums if he/she has no particular numbers in mind; or he/she can empower his own lucky numbers through below simple ritual:


This ritual must be performed 7 days before the announcement of results.


First cut out 4 sets of paper manikins riding horses as shown above. After that empower the manikins or infuse them with your thoughtforms.


Place the manikins in the center of your altar and give food offerings every morning, noon and night. You must express your need loud and clear to the 4 manikins after the food offering.


On the 7th day right after the noon offering, burn the manikins outside of your house and then place your bet.


You may need to try a few times until you are expert in this ritual.


Last but not least, just a disclaimer:


The above ritual is for your reading pleasure only, I do not want to encourage gambling and I cannot standby the effectiveness of this ritual as it all depends on individual’s luck.

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  1. Your blog is great.
    Found this really interesting.
    Just one question. How do I feed them with food offerings?
    I mean, I have the food i'll give them but then what do i do?

    Thanks for your help :)