Sunday, February 28, 2016

How A Lady Is Conned (五术厚黑学)

To be honest, I can never make money out of Feng Shui because I don’t like to use psychological techniques to make people especially the ladies to fall into their own traps.

Today, I had a rare opportunity to attend a Feng Shui audit by a so-called renowned 70 year old Feng Shui master in Ipoh.  Below is a greatly abridged section of conversations between the lady owner and Master Lee (Pardon me but the Feng Shui audit started from 9am to 1pm!):

Master: “Well… the house is not that bad but a little dark…”

Lady: “Hmm… you mean there are spooks?”

Master: “You got it right!”

Lady: “Oh no! I am afraid of ghosts! But I don’t want to sell the new house…”

Master: “NO WORRIES! You can buy my gadget starting from $368.”

(Summary: Most ladies are afraid of ghosts! This is one way to fish their money.)

Master: “It is not good… the ‘sha’ (煞气) is too lethal in your bedroom…”

Lady: “You mean I could DIE!?”

Master: “No worries… you can buy my special edition talisman…”

Lady: “No problem! As long I can see tomorrow!”

Master: “It will be another $3,680. Thank you!”

(Summary: Most ladies are afraid of dying!)

Master: “Hmm… my reading shows that your hubby might have an affair…”

Lady: “Oh my God! How can I get rid of the other party?”

Master: “Hmm… you will need to move the toilet to the front and the kitchen to the back…”

Lady: “Anything!”

Master: “That will be another $36,800. Thank you for your business!”

(Summary: Most ladies are afraid of hubby getting an affair!)

So it is good Mr. Liew’s advice to check your Feng Shui master’s logic before your emotion gets too high that could eventually hurt your wallet! Of course, that applies to Astrological reading, mediums, tarot and the like!

In case you have wondered... the lady was not conned because good old Mr. Liew was there and the family took Mr. Liew's advice and saved a bundle!! 

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