Saturday, February 13, 2016

Special Sates For Sepcial You (特制的沙嗲)

Delicious sates... but beware of their contents or eat them warm!

This story was famous many years ago right after the completion of the Gerik-Jeli Highway in early 80’s. The incident said to occur on a section of road exiting the highway heading to Jeli town, Kelantan.

Not long after the opening of the highway, someone setup a small stall selling sates. This stall only operates after dark and it was quite famous of that time as the sates sold were big, fat and juicy. Most of all, the sates were quite cheap for that time. So not long after the opening, it has attracted many customers far and near.

There is a set of strange rules by the stall owner however. I.e. anyone who wished to enjoy his cheap sates must consume the sates in situ and while the sates were still hot. Well, no one really objected to the rules since most of the customers were travelers and they have no intention to take away those sates too.

Having said that, one of the customers, Rizal had ordered a little too many sates at one time and he figured that it was a waste to discard those unconsumed sates on the table; furthermore he has paid for the sates. So, Rizal quietly tugged some sates inside a food container to bring back with him to enjoy later. After Rizal reached home, he put the sates in his fridge just to preserve them for further consumption since it was quite late and all his family members were sleeping.

The next morning, Rizal asked his wife, Rose to retrieve the sates from the fridge and to warm them up. As soon as Rose retrieved the food container and opened the cover, she shouted in fright and the container dropped onto the floor along with its contents.

Well, everyone rushed to Rose and only found dead frogs, worms and small snakes scattered onto the floor. At the same time, Rizal felt stomach ache and vomited out some stingy yellowish water and animal remains…

Consequently the duo was sent to the district hospital for treatment. The doc once suspected Rizal was being forced to consume those filthy stuffs for some reasons but no amount of explanations could make the doc believe it was just the ‘sates’...

After Rizal and Rose were finally being discharged from the hospital, they returned to the stall daytime but to find no traces of stall being built. The only thing they could find was an old grave located about 10 feet away.

No one sees the stall again at night since the incident. Perhaps the stall owner has discovered that someone has broken the taboo by taking away the sates? Or perhaps he has moved to elsewhere to continue his ‘business’…

So, just a word of caution when you consume those delicious sates…

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