Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Uniquely Thai Child God: Look Thep (泰国鬼娃)

In case of you are not aware; there is a new kid on the block in Thai occult circle. It is called ‘look thep’.  a ‘look thep’ is a form of cute plastic dolls of any sorts said to be able to bring the owner luck. Perhaps you can buy one of this so-called ‘child god’ or ‘child angel’ in your nearest Thai amulet shop by the time of writing. Some masters also tug in real human bones and amulets in the dolls to increase their power. Of course, these dolls must be blessed by senior monks to be effective.

I am told that the price can range from MYR300 to MYR1000 or so. Some people event go to the extent of bringing their ‘child god’ to watch movies, restraints, shopping and they even book air ticket for their child gods.

A ‘look thep’ to me is no difference than a kumanthong or a Taoist or a Buddhist idol in their making. If you like, you can even tug your kumanthong statue into a plastic doll and call it a ‘look thep’. Anyway the choice is still yours if you have spare cash to burn.

A look thep looks just like any plastic doll in the toy store.

On closer look, amulets or even human bones can sometimes be found inside the doll.

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