Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Girl Who Continues To Jump Down (跳楼女)

There was a spree of people falling to their death last year in Penang alone. There are many reasons why people wanted to jump down from a tall building:

·         They are jilted by their lovers
·         They are afraid of bad examination results
·         They are not themselves after consuming drugs
·         They are in great debt
·         They suffer from serious mental depression

Many people thought by jumping down the building, they can have a smooth death and a final rest in peace. However, in a Taoist’s stand point, both views are not true. As the theory goes:

“If a person committed suicide by jumping from height, his/her soul will not rest in peace and that his//her soul will continue his/her suicide action repeatedly until his/her actual lifespan is over.”

I am not sure how far the above theory is true, but I have the below story to share:

The incident happened in a high rise condo building at Yeap Chor Ee Road. A girl due to some reasons jumped down from her 50th floor balcony and fell to her death a few years ago. Unfortunately speaking, she didn’t have a smooth death because her falling body collided with window edges, balcony railings and air-conditioning units underneath her apartment. That is to say that ‘there is a piece of her on every floor’. The unfortunate lady finally fell onto the roof of a car porch.

Needless to say that the suicide scene was pretty bloody and her blood and meat pieces tainted almost everyone under her apartment. My friend, Peter was one of the few ‘lucky’ ones. The poor girl’s head collided with the edge of his air-conditioning unit and her blood and brain juice even splashed into Peter’s bedroom. All in all, it was a pretty messy scene.

Since the incident, Peter thought he always saw the silhouette of a person fell from aloft through his bedroom window.  In addition, many tenants of the condo claim to have seen the silhouette of a girl lingers on the concrete car porch where her body lied lifelessly.

The most horrible incident Peter had was that as he was preparing his staffs’ yearly performance review, a shadow suddenly appeared at Peter’s bedroom window. This is exactly where the poor girl’s brain hit the air-conditioning unit.

As recalled by Peter later, it was the bloody face of a young girl who similed and waved her hand at him possibly gesturing Peter to jump from his window too. Peter immediately threw his pen that he was holding towards the figure and jumped into his bed; and covered his head with a piece of blanket.

Since the bloody encounter, Peter dare not open his bedroom window until he sold off his unit and moved elsewhere.

It is said the poor soul still haunts that particular condo. Perhaps she will continue her action for many years to come. This is a grim reminder for those who are thinking of committing suicide because ‘you never die once!’.

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