Friday, February 12, 2016

Reflection In The Mirror (镜中的影像)

Personally speaking, I don’t like mirrors because mirrors can reflect not only my oversized body but also things on the other sides. Some occultists say that mirrors are in fact doors to the spiritual realms. Also, in Feng Shui perspective, if a house has too many mirrors; then Yin energy would congregate and hence spirits too would come.

It is a fact that you don’t really need psychic eyes to see spirits in a room. What you need to do is to use a small mirror to scan around the four corners of the room. If you notice a flash of white shadow or light in the mirror, then chances are that there is a presence together with you. This exercise is best to be carried out during dawn or dusk when the room is neither too bright nor too dim.

Now the story I am about to tell you is a little scary and definitely not for the faint hearted for it implies the presence of evil entity. Most of my stories do not end with loosing life; but this one is just one of those out liars.

My friend, Mary’s mother just hung herself recently. She had a history of serious mental depression so Mary paid very much attention to her mom because mental depression sufferers would make things that would be out of our normal imaginations to hurt themselves. And Mary’s mom was just one of those more serious ones.

The story begins when Mary accidentally saw the reflection of a rope dangling from a beam from her late mom’s make up mirror. At first she thought her mom was to commit suicide so she rushed into her mom’s bedroom but there was no one there. Mary subsequently attributed the image was her hallucination and soon forgot about it.

A few weeks later, Mary saw her mom playing with a piece of rope in her bedroom and occasionally her mom would make a loop and put her head into the loop. On enquiry, her mom said that she was just fooling around and that she would not commit suicide for no reason.

Of course Mary didn’t buy the idea, so she hid all available ropes in her house and asked her maid to pay particular attention of her mom. Having all those precautions could not prevent mishaps from happening however.

One night, Mary’s mom somehow managed to get hold of a piece of rope and hang herself in the center of her bedroom. Her body was discovered by Mary’s maid in the morning. By then it was already too late to save the old lady’s life.

Parking onto the same issue, I had an old makeup table with a large mirror attached in my first house in Taiping. At times, I could see the reflection of a young lady combing her long hair and at times I could see her naked reflections in the bathroom from the mirror. Strangely speaking, those reflections never appear twice. Meaning I could only caught a glance of the reflection, and when I looked for a second time; there was nothing in the mirror.

Many years later, I was told that the former tenant of the room was a young social escort who had committed suicide after being jilted by her boyfriend. Anyway, I cannot be sure if the lady in the mirror was her restless soul then. Of course at that time I haven’t involved in magic as yet. So please take my word that mirrors are evil, don’t approach it without any business. Stay away from mirrors after you have done your business. You are warned…

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