Thursday, February 25, 2016

Uses Of Corpse Face Cover (死人盖面纸)

This is the master template for Luban cult practitioner. Without this template, the person is not a qualified Luban disciple.

The rituals I am about to discuss here belong to Luban (鲁班) system and not many people have heard of it. These rituals make use of corpses’ face cover paper to call upon the souls of the dying or the death.

If you have got a chance, then do collect some corpse face cover papers from the death; both male and female for later use.

Ritual 1: Calling the soul of dying sick

When a person is sick and dying, if he/she is unconscious and a Luban sorcerer wish to summon his/her soul, then he/she can do the following:

First draw 5 figures of male/female on a piece of corpse face cover paper pending on the gender of the dying person together with a talisman. After that, the sorcerer shall move the patient to the living room and ash is used to draw a circle encircling the patient leaving the east side open.

Now the sorcerer shall put a piece of old roof tile in the center of the circle and light a piece of white candle at the opening of the circle. He/she shall then burn the talisman he/she drew beforehand at the eastern opening.

Following that, the sorcerer shall recite incantation and call upon the name of the dying person. If the ritual is done correctly, the soul of the dying shall materialize in the circle and the sorcerer can ask any questions he/she so wish desires.

Ritual 2: Calling the soul of deceased

On the other hand, if a person is already dead without leaving any final words; there is a way to compel this dead soul.

Again, a sorcerer will use a piece of corpse face cover paper and a figure of man/woman is drawn according to the gender of the deceased. Same as above ritual, a circle is drawn with ash with an opening at the east side.

After that a white candle is lit at the opening of the circle. The sorcerer shall now burn the corpse face cover paper while calling the decease’s name. After a while, the dead soul shall appear inside the circle speaking out what he/she has no chance to talk about.

At this point, the sorcerer can make food offerings to the dead soul and then deliver it to the other side after the spirit has said what it wanted to.

It is not a good idea to detain the ghost for a prolonged period.

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