Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Pontianak That Likes Roti Canai (爱吃飞饼的女鬼)

Can you imagine that not only human like roti canai and teh tarik, the spirits are crazy about them too!

Roti canai is a type of flatbread fond by many Malaysians and Singaporeans. However, my Hong Kong friends like to call roti canai as ‘flying bread’. Do you know that not only we, the human like roti canai; the spirits too are very much fond of roti canai too?

This is a story told by a retired hospital attendant who worked in Kuala Kangsar old hospital. The incident happened in late 70’s…

Separating the old hospital and a row of shops was Taiping Road. The row of shops consisted of a barber shop, a sundry shop, a Chinese restaurant and a Mamak restaurant. Normally other shops operated until 9pm at most but the Mamak restaurant opened for 24 hours. The main customers of this Mamak restaurant were the hospital staffs, patients, visitors and general public.

Needless to say that the Mamak restaurant was in good business; and customers were particularly fond of the restaurant’s roti canai and ‘teh tarik’ (pulled tea). Those two are Mamak restaurant’s super hot stuffs and they sell fast like hot pancakes. All went well until late one night…

In the 70’s, the old hospital especially the morgue area was surrounded by many tall trees and tualang trees were majority of them. Naturally no one dared to venture into areas around the morgue after dark and it was reputed to be haunted by a Pontianak (female vampire) which can be seen sitting on tualing tree branch staring at the full moon. Well, those believes was just urban legend.

It was said that late one rainy night when there were no customers in the restaurant, a lady in white came into the restaurant and ordered two pieces of roti canai and a packet of teh tarik. After the food and drink were delivered to her, she grabbed the food stuff and turned her back to leave the restaurant.

At this point, the restaurant casher yelled at the lady in white:

“Hey, miss! You have not paid yet!”

The lady ignored the casher and proceeded to walk away… The casher repeated the charge and at this point, she turned her back and said:

“Mast I pay? Heeeeee…”

While shrieking with sharpest and highest pitch, she suddenly rose a few feet above the ground and quickly glided in the air towards the morgue direction.

On seeing the scene, the panic stricken casher fainted onto the floor only to be revived by his fellow workers who heard the commotion and rushed out from the kitchen.

After the strange incident, the Mamak restaurant has seen a sharp decline in number of customers for no apparent reasons. After some time, the restaurant had to close shop for good due to bad business.

Strangely speaking, whoever took over the shop lot cannot survive for very long and the shop has seen changing hand many times until the whole row of shops was abandoned.

Passer-bys at night sworn that they could see faintly a white figure with long hairs wandering in the vicinity until the shops were demolished for good. No further sightings of lady in white were reported since the demolition work at last.

Of course, no one can be sure if it was the Pontianak who has caused the bankruptcy of the businesses; one thing can be certain that even spirits too like roti canai and teh tarik!

More info on Pontianak (if and only if you dare):


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