Monday, February 15, 2016

This Is How He Lost His New Girl (女友与老人)

My friend Mark took over an old pre-war mansion in Kuala Kangsar from his father and the reason he lost his new found girl friends also because of the mansion.

Some time ago, when Mark and his parents were still staying in the old mansion. One day he decided to bring his newly acquainted girl friend, Lisa to meet his parents. A dinner session was arranged and Mark’s mom prepared a lot of dishes to welcome the lady visitor.

All went well except that Mark thought his to-be girl friend acted strangely. The only point one could pick was that the lady visitor seems to be ‘attracted’ to certain object in the mansion. She would fix her stare at a corner, and at times; she would smile at thin air as if greeting someone.

After the dinner, perhaps the lady guest had asked something she shouldn’t:

“I know it is none of my business. Why is it that you have introduced everyone in the house except one old grandpa?”

Mark replied bewilderedly:

“What grand pa? The only old pa is my father who sat opposite you during the dinner!”

The lady immediately responded:

“Oh! I don’t mean your pa… But the old grandpa I meant was the one who was sitting beside me listening quietly to our conversations. No one served him any food and he just sat lonely beside the table…”

There was a silence from Mark as he tried to relate to a particular figure according the narrations of his would be girlfriend. Suddenly, the lady shouted in excitement and pointed her finger towards an old picture on the wall:

“Ah! This is the old pa I meant!!”

Again there was a long silent from Mark. Then his mother broke the silence and said:

“Oh! That was Mark’s late grandpa who died 10 years ago…”

After that, the lady never returned to the mansion.

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