Monday, February 29, 2016

The Work Of An Ignorant Master (庸师害人)

Problematic location and timing bring problematic matters.

This is a picture of a grave built in the 70's that I have audited. The location was selected by a so-called Feng Shui master to be good and auspicious. I was called in for inspection because within a family: 1 person suffered cancer, 1 person suffered from heart problem, 1 person is sick and 2 persons died from cancer.

Another Feng Shui master was also with me when I performed the audit and this person said the Feng Shui of the grave is still good but I just kept silent because there is not much we can do for this grave Because:

  1. The location of the grave is at the top of a slope back by a valley. This has constituted to 'valley wind' (凹风吹煞). In this case the bones might have already become darkened theoretically.
  2. The direction is facing with flying star 5 indicating the descendent of the deceased will suffer from serious illnesses. Both 6's are in front indicating money should not be a problem but the health is of concerns. However the condition has not been too bad because 5-6 neutralises each other.

  1. This grave is about 40 years old so cracks developed on the structure. So happened that the cracks are at the back and both sides. Coincidentally that indicates the locations of those who has passed away.
  2. In 2016 the 3-kills are in the front, no major works can be done on this grave or more casualty will come unless it is remedied with the location of the sun or moon (太阳太阴到山向).

My remedy:

  1. Perform the patch up work during Qingming (清明) period when the sun is at the back of the grave. That will solve the problem for now. But for long run, the grave need to be shifted for good.
Other master's suggestion:

  1. Spend $40k to renovate the grave. (Of course that will kill one more person faster if he knows what he is doing).

So, the best thing is to learn up the art of Feng Shui so as to grasp your own fate in your own hands; and not just any masters out there.

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