Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nightmare During On Call (医院惊魂夜)

The good Dr Tan, Ah Kow (funeral guy) and I (deliverance service guy) are very unlikely trio but we were seen together due to our unique duties. No one likes to see when the three of us get together for:

The doc would say: “Let’s pull his/her tube off. He/she is a gonner.”

I would say: “Rest in please and go to the light” to the soul during deliverance service.

Ah Kow would say: “Let me arrange for the funeral service.”

The hero now would be good old Dr Tan who is a scientific minded person and he is a non-believer of ghosts and spooks and the like. Well, you can’t blame him for he needs to treat many life and death situations because if he believes in ghosts; then the doc would not be able to carry out his duties.

Having said so, Dr Tan does have his side of ‘not-so-real’ ghost stories to tell. Below is just one I heard recently. In Dr Tan’s own words:

You know the doctors need to be on call once for 24 hours every month. During that time they would need to stay in the hospital. If the docs feel tired, then there is a rest room specially set up for the doctors to have a short nap. That would not be a problem if there is only doc around, or if both docs are of the same gender.

This incident happened during one of my rounds a year back. I could remember that it just passed midnight and I felt very sleepy. So, I figured that I would be able to have a short rest in the doc’s rest room. But I only found that the room had been occupied by another lady doc. Having no choice, I diverted my attention to conference room but that room too was occupied by a group of hospital stuffs.

At this point, my eyes are getting heavier, I approached one of the staff nurse on duty, Jenny and asked her if I could have the vacated sickbed in her ward to rest. She said:

“Well, Dr Tan. You know there were three deaths in that particular sick bed? The first was old Uncle Roy, then Muthu and then Pak Ali… No one dares to sleep in the bed as strange things had happened to other patients occupying the bed…”

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t brave enough and ready to come face to face with dead souls in the dead of the night; I was just plain tired. So, I just grabbed a piece of white bed sheet and jumped into the so-called ‘haunted’ sickbed.

As soon as I pulled the bed sheet over my head, I fell into slumber and to be awoken by some conversation beside the sickbed:

“Uncle Roy, was that lustful doc sleeping in our bed right at the moment?”

Then another voice responded:

“Yes. He couldn’t keep his eyes away from my daughter when she visited me…”

Yet another voice came from no where

“You mean that stingy doc who still owed me my durian money before I kicked the bucket!?”

Then a collective voice saying:

“Let’s throw him out of our bed!”

At this instance, a force pulled my bed sheet away and three extremely pale faces appeared to be floating in the air above my face.

It was a shock of my life; I immediately jumped out from the sickbed and ran towards the doc’s designated resting room. When I broke open the door, the lady doc in the room suddenly startled and looked at me; I would only said these words:

“Please can I sleep with you for just one night?”

Well, I supposed you can figure the end of this story…

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