Saturday, May 19, 2018

Coffin On Top Of Coffin (棺上棺)

What I am about to reveal here is for your knowledge only as this is one of the unethical magic that I know. The affects of the magic will affect 3 generations of family clans: grandparents, parents and children.

This curse is known as 'coffin on coffin' and only Feng Shui or luban exponents dare to cast this spell because the curse is a two edge swords. If wrongly cast, the master shall suffer the consequences himself.

The methods varies according to the requirements of the spell caster:

If the purpose of the spell is to absorb the luck of a rich and famous, then a piece of bone from the sorcerer's bloodline should be filled in a small coffin and buried in the rich guy's family grave.

In this case, the spell caster will receive what the rich family bloodline received: good and bad. At the same time, the sorcerer will become rich over time while the rich family suffers a declination. The effect continues for 3 generations.

There is a catch to this spell however, the grandchildren of the sorcerer must remember to retrieve the small coffin before the start of 4th generation or bad luck will be fallen upon the spell caster bloodline.

In order to benefit from this 'coffin on coffin' spell, a sound knowledge of Feng Shui is necessary because he must know the good and bad effects of a grave Feng Shui so that only the good luck is attracted and not the bad.

If the purpose of the spell is just to cause damage, then any bones can be used: cat, dog, crow, frog etc. If animal bones are used instead, then the bloodline of the grave would live a living like the animal.

One point to add, if the animal was drowned, killed or died of diseases, then the bloodline of the grave would suffer the same too.

Of course, nowadays since most of people prefer cremation, then graves would not be necessary. It is quite unlikely that anyone could suffer from this horrible spell... After all, not many good Feng Shui spots within a public graveyard anyway. So, be cool please.

There is a famous story about this spell: "The Fazugong vs. Feng Shui master" (法主公斗风水师) among the Feng Shui community.

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