Sunday, May 20, 2018

Tripping A Lady (绊倒仕女术)

There are many rituals to play tricks on people especially young ladies. This specific ritual is meant to cause a lady to trip and fall.

First the talisman is drawn on a piece of yellow paper and ready to be used.

A prankster would put a piece of small stick on on end of the road and waited at a distance from there. As soon as a young lady approaches and passed by, he should burn the talisman and recite the below mantra:

The earth god is carrying a mountain with a piece of wood,

Seeing a lady approaching from a far,

If anyone passing by this place,

Dry wood picked up a embroidered shoe. 

In a short while the lady will trip and fall by herself showing her legs.

Of course, it was a big deal when a young lady exposed her legs in old China society once upon a time. This spell is only meant to play tricks on people and no one would do such a thing nowadays. It is certainly true that peeping tom would use hidden camera to view under a lady's skirt and that shows the old and new mindset has never changed over time.

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