Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Security Expert Vs Luban Master (保安专家斗鲁班师)

This is simply the most interesting experience with Luban magic that I have encountered.

A friend of mine, Eric used to worked as security adviser who sells various gadgets such as surveillance cameras, security alarm systems and etc. While I am only an amateur Feng Shui master with some knowledge in magic rituals.

One day I went to a town near Ipoh for private business and after settled my own errant, I walked past a jewelry shop and saw Eric was supervising his workers to install his security stuffs.

The jewelry shop was under construction at the moment so I just walked in to chat with Eric. The shop owner Mr. Cheah was also there and after a few casual greetings, Eric started to boast: "Boss, my security system is at tip top shape and it is the state of the art within Malaysia. You have no worries of your precious merchandises..."

I veered at Eric and challenge him: "What do you say that this shop shall be robbed 3 times within 3 months?"

"No joking my friend, you are putting your name at risk!" Eric laughed until he couldn't stand straight.

I looked at Cheah, the shop owner and said: "What do you say boss? Dare to bet?"

Mr. Cheah shrugged and opened his hands: "Provided that you don't take out a gun and rob me now! Hahaha..."

Eric said: "If you lose, you will treat Cheah and me a sumptuous meal. If I lose, I resign!"

I pondered for a moment: "Well, I don't mind if you resign or otherwise. But, allow me to walk around the shop and don't talk to me."

Both of the gentlemen agreed and pretended me to be invisible.

I strolled around and the workers were painting the walls and fixing the front door. I picked up a piece of broken floor tile and drew a sign on the walls and then the front door. After that I just walked out of the shop without turning my head. I could hear Eric teasing me at my back. Well, I have my reasons why I couldn't speak to them.

One month later, I saw a news flash in TV: "A shop in a town was robbed of RM50k of jewelries. The thieves used some industrial boring tool to make a hole at the back of the shop hence escaping the security alarm..."

Not long after that, Eric gave me a call: "Damn it! It must be your beginner's luck! I have fortified the security system and we will see..."

Another month lapsed, I received another call. This time it was from Mr. Cheah, the shop owner: "I was double hit again Mr. Liew. This time my newly hired shop assistant stole some gold chains when my other staffs went for dinner."

"The games is not yet over. Wait for another month more..." I wanted to see if the spell worked as I was told.

"NO! No need to wait!" Yelled Mr. Cheah on the other end. "I hate to see what will come next! Can you do something about it?"

"Well, I could try... But Penang and Ipoh is quite a distance away..." I wasn't ready to travel then so I deliberately decline Cheah's request.

"Eric will be in Penang tomorrow. You can come down with him and I will send you back to Penang later." The sound started again at the other end.

I gave in: "So be it."

Soon I was in Cheah's shop again and I drew a sign on the floor and then rubbed it with my foot. I turned to Cheah and Eric: "I am done. Your system should work perfectly."

Cheah drove me back to Penang as he has promised. Just as I opened the car door, he asked me: "What had you done to my shop?"

"Nothing really. You and Eric have witness that I was just scribbling on the floor." I smiled and bid him farewell. 

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