Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Haunted Basketball Court (II)

If you still remember James who was injured in the haunted basketball court sometime ago? I visited him again... this time another friend Eric was there too.

After I arrived at James's place, he and his dad came out to greet me. Since it was a Sunday morning, I persuaded the father-son team and Eric to visit the said haunted basketball court.

The basketball court just located opposite James's house about 100 yards away. We walked to the court and I looked around and didn't find anything unusual.

Eric suggested we went to a coffee shop to drink and chat. We agreed and off we went.

While waiting for coffee to be served, Eric pointed at the basketball court and said: "I was seriously hurt once when playing basketball with my friends."

"With all ears." I was intrigued.

Eric cleared his throat and continued: 

"It was during an evening a few years ago. I played basketball with a few friends after my work while waiting for dinner to be served.

When I was trying a slam dunk stunt, and as I was in the air trying to put the basketball in the basket; I suddenly felt a tug at my right foot. The pulling force was so strong that I lose balance and fell face down...

Needless to say that my face became bruised and turned into green black color. I had to rest for 2 weeks due to the injury.

During the night, I dreamed of an old man in white with long beard approached me and scolded me that I have thrown basketball on his face repeatedly and our shouting voices disturbed his peace.

The old man vanished after I was scolded.

Early the next morning, I asked my wife about the old man in the dream. She bought me to a spirit medium and the medium fell into trance. His voice changed into an old man's: "I was my doing, young man... I was only teaching you a lesson. I would not be so tolerant next time..."

The medium shivered and then woke up from his trance. He said that the restless old man was getting agitated. If nothing is done to curb the old spirit; then worse will happen.

So, this issue was brought to the residents' committee for discussion. A piece of stone tablet inscribed with 'O MI TUO FO' was decided to be erected to pacify the angry spirit."

"I supposed that solved the haunting?" I interrupted impatiently.

"Well, sort of... The basketball court did see an incident free period... But it is another story." Eric smiled and gave me a cheeky look.

I knew that he wanted a free meal or something. So, I said to him: "Okay then. Next time."

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