Thursday, May 3, 2018

One Ghost One Day (一日一鬼术)

This setup is said to be able to send one ghost one day into a house or cause entire family to suffer, died or bankrupt.

There are many black magic rituals used by ancient Indochinese sorcerers to curse a person or even a family. Below is a ritual believed to be able to send one ghost a day into a household.

Many years ago, my master came across a case involved two hawkers selling cakes in Kelang. Their stalls were located just opposite to each other separated only by a small road.

Let me just call them Lee and Wong.

Strangely Lee's business was always much better than Wong's. People were seen queuing at Lee's stall but no one heeded Wong's cakes.

Lee would normally sold out his cakes before noon and knocked off but Wong's cake seemed to be untouched by customers even after lunch time.

Gradually, Wong became jealous about Lee and decided to resort to black magic initially meant to make Lee's business suffer. Unexpectedly, Lee's eldest son died of some strange illness and Lee himself fell down from staircase and broke his left leg.

With a lost of life and one injuries, Lee was forced to end his business to recuperate. Strangely too, even after Lee went out of business, Wong's cakes still didn't sell good. 

One of Lee's relatives eventually called my master to investigate and he found Lee's house was full of ghosts literally speaking.

My master then was famous of Maoshan ghost magic. So he brought along his ghost helpers and trace the source of the problem to a miniature iron arrow and bow buried under Lee's front door.

The master knew that it was the doing of someone and he asked Lee if he wanted revenge. But Lee thought it was better to let the case lay to rest as revenge might attract bad karma.

Even though Lee didn't want to pursue, my master thought the spell caster should suffer some kind of revenge. So he performed a paper boat ritual to return all those ghosts to the sender.

A few days later, people found Wong suddenly went crazy and he kept inserting his cakes into his throat. Soon Wong fainted unconscious on the floor and his tummy has swollen as if a pregnant lady.

As I heard that Wong later became insane and he would eat a meal that of many normal people's portion.

I learnt the above arrow and bow ritual not from my master but from others. The setup is simple:

First, make an iron arrow and bow as above. Then buy some green or black beans. The quantities of beans depends on how many ghosts the sorcerer decides to send to the person.

After that, the arrow and bow is buried in front of a house or a tomb with the arrow pointing towards the main door. The green/black beans are placed just in front of the arrowhead. 

This ritual is normally cast during midnight.

A seemingly simple ritual but with devastating result. Of course, this is for your eyes only.

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