Monday, May 21, 2018

Fazhugong Vs Feng Shui Master (法主公对风水师)

This is a story told among the Feng Shui communities in Fujian (福建) occurred somewhere around the 1900's.

A Feng Shui master, Lim was hired by a wealthy merchant Ong to look for a good Feng Shui land for Ong's deceased parents.

After Master Lim searched for 3 years, he finally found a very ideal land but the land was so auspicious that Master Lim felt some hesitation to hand it over to Ong. But since the deadline for Master Lim was approaching, he has no spare time to look for another land for Ong. Further, the greedy Master Lim didn't want to return the hefty amount of money paid to him by Ong.

So Master Lim thought of an idea to give the land to Ong but he would cast a spell known as 'coffin on coffin' so as to enjoy the luck that the new land will bring to him and his family. There was a catch however, the catch was that Master Lim must find a piece of bone from his bloodline to be buried into Ong's newfound land.

So happened that Master Lim's daughter has fallen very ill and passed away. He thought that it was the best time to cut a finger from his newly deceased daughter to be buried in Ong parent's new grave.

With some strategy in mind, Master Lim went to Ong and told him that he has found a very auspicious land for Ong's parents. Ong was very happy and he rewarded Master Lim with more money to handle the burial process.

As soon as Ong parents' remains were safely transferred into the newly found Feng Shui land, Master Lim quietly returned to the grave with a small crystal coffin and buried in the grave, on top of Ong parents.

All went on pretty well unknown by anyone but Master Lim himself.

As it had expected, One year after the new grave was done; Ong's business gradually took a sudden dive and he lost a lot of money. 

At the same time, Master Lim suddenly became rich overnight.

Within 3 years, Ong became a poor man and he had to bag for a living while Master Lim had become a super rich, as rich as the previous Ong family.

Then on the 4th year, during the birthday celebration of deity Fazhugong (法主公), a spirit medium suddenly possessed by Fazhugong and proclaimed that there was evil inside Ong parents' grave.

The announcement by Fazhugong caused a stir within the followers and the crowd decided to go to Ong parents' grave to find out. The procession reached the grave very quickly and under the medium's guidance, a person took a spade to dig at the center of the grave.

Soon a small crystal coffin was unearthed and within the coffin was a small red snake.

Now the medium pronounced that the evil has been captured and the evil doer will receive the punishment from the gods.

Not long after the crystal coffin was unearthed and destroyed, Master Lim suddenly lost all of his fortunes in a fire and robbery. He later became insane and died of unknown causes.

Old Feng Shui masters would retell this story to new learners so as to practise Feng Shui with ethics. Customer's money and instructions should be respected and honored. Of course, a practitioner should never touch black magic such that of the 'coffin on coffin'.

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  1. 張公聖君 is my highly respected deity. He had guide me digged out a thai black magic curse (corpse oil) that burried in my parent house garden. Consequently, within a year, the person who implant the corpse oil divorced by his wife and lost all his child custody. As for the greed Thai Archan that helped to cast the spell, died out of sudden when he was shower in his house bathroom. That Archan is quite famous in ChiangMai for producing evil amulets.

    1. Hahaha... Served the evil doers right. In fact 张公圣君is the best deity to treat black magic. Once evoked, evil spirits will flee and any black magic will be bounced back to the spell caster. No joking.