Saturday, May 19, 2018

Thousand Knives Curse (千刀斩)

Bury a knife under a cattle cage will cause the cattle to be unease, sick and die over time.

Most of the stories I posted were told my my friends, strangers or people who sought help. Many of those stories are unique and you will not have a clue to the mishaps happened until those evil doings were exposed quite accidentally...

Luban magic (鲁班) is not commonly known in Malaysia as not many practitioners around compared to Indochina. Of course, there maybe other masters hidden somewhere within the country.

I met a friend, Chong who used to have a large pig farm but his pigs became restless and gradually died over a period of a year. The gentleman had no clue of what had happened until he decided to turn his pig farm into an orchard...

During the demolition of pig cages, Chong's workers found a few pieces of rusty knives and he thought it was strange to have knives buried underneath the cages since nothing was found during the pig cage construction. Apparently someone has deliberately put the knives there.

Chong asked perhaps I could answer his doubt. So I looked at the rusty knives and ask:

"Mr. Chong, have you offended anyone about a few months ago?"

"Well, Liew... You know that I am a businessman and I have many enemies..."

"Think carefully... The person should be someone who had either constructed your pig cages or someone who worked in the farm and left recently." I looked at Chong's face while Chong scratched his head to recall his memory.

After a while, Chong finally said: "Ah, there was a Vietnamese worker whom worked for me for 3 years and he left about a year ago because I fired him for repetitive drinking. Could it be his doing?"

"Hard to say as we have no proof. But Vietnam is one of those places that Luban magic still prevails until today. There are practically no Luban master in Malaysia that I have heard of. Tell me your story and I will see what I can do..." I wanted to hear Chong's story so I was trying to fish his tale.

Chong started to recall:

"Hmm... About a year ago, I foreseen there was a demand hike in local pork market and so as to supply fresh pork to my own restaurants; I invested some money to build a pig farm on my vacated land.

At the same time, I hired a batch of Vietnamese workers to work in the farm with a local supervisor.

I bought about 300 piggies expecting them to be sold after 6 to 7 months at about 100kg.

At first, every thing went on smoothly and the piggies were happily growing until 3 months into operation. Pigs started to make noise at night and refused to eat. They started to lose weights.

I called in veterinary and installed cooling fans but the conditions of the pigs deteriorated. Then the pigs succumbed one after another over a year's period.

Come and think of it, the problems arose after the Vietnamese worker left...

What can I do Master Liew?"

"Probably nothing can be done, Tauke (Boss) Chong. Since you are doing orchard now, there is no worry about this spell anymore. Hahaha..." I shrugged and walked away.

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